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What is the gospel?

The average christian knows where the ‘gospel’ message is told in the bible, the new testament,the first four books. The preacher told us where it was, our fellow church goers,our family, our friends, even our neighbors. But have we really heard the whole gospel?

But there is this new testament quirk, than just maybe we should take into consideration into the storyline of the gospel.

The disciples did it, the apostles did it, paul did it, peter did it, even Jesus did it. What was it?

They all quoted, referred to, or even told of the old testament scriptures as if they were supposed to mean something at their time of telling, let alone at the time of the scriptures then. But why? What was the point? Nothing back then could be relevant now,could it? Why was even Jesus quoting the old scriptures.

The scriptures were so important to the jewish nation that the pharisees,Sadducee’s,priests knew them frontward and backwards. They were important to know, they were from God. If God’s intention of us to know them was important(our society’s of knowing something is in the form of reading a book,whereas in the jewish realm and their society’s around them was of verbal form of daily repeating of a passage or a letter of the scriptures, with some in scroll form for the priests.) So, ‘knowing’ was reading or hearing the scriptures. But is this what God was wanting us to do? Our answer lies in the scripture when Jesus tells the pharisees that they were the ‘master’s’ of the scriptures considering this was their position of job. Jesus tells them that if they ‘knew’ the scriptures as they said they did, why then did you not know that He was to suffer and die on a cross?

If this was me Jesus was accusing me of not knowing the scripture, I would said to myself, “did I miss a chapter when I was sick that day?!” I don’t remember that!

We know in a very quick thought that it wasn’t in black in white or just plain obvious in the scriptures. So where was it? Who said it? Why? A Prophet? Moses? David? Solomon?

It had to be deeper in the scriptures meaning, not just the obvious stuff. Was there a code? God works in very amazing and insightful ways that only God can. Our humanness has handicapped us in our usual way of looking at things. But it is when we use that verse in Romans 12.2 of ‘having the mind of God’ that we can ‘see’ God’s design and purpose.

His story is being told in the old testament,starting with genesis and going thru revelation. It is incomplete if we only use those ‘4 books’ that have altered the whole story of the gospel.

Let us now use the whole scripture to ‘see’ the gospel, so that we will not be incomplete in His word.



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