God-unfinished business?

Our God is an Awesome God.

He is the Alpha,Omega.(for those that don’t know what this means it is ‘the beginning,the end’)

He is ‘completeness’ defined.

I don’t think that many people understand the deep down underlining  issue that this means. He is the author. He is the creator. He is the Father. He is the Son. He is the Holy Spirit.

I want to concentrate on the second one that I mentioned last paragraph. We sometimes think of a creator as just a one time moment that God says “Let there be light”, “Let there be man”, or “let their be the universe”. But there comes a point that when ‘our creation has fallen’ that we must pick it up to make it right again. That it is at this moment that the ‘creator'(He) makes it right again. He wants it to be the same way as he designed it to be in the beginning! And no, his creation cannot put it back the way that it was! Irony!

Find a picture of the creation as seen in the pictorial bible that we always seem to fall back on as to what the Garden of Eden(Temple) looked like, and see how it now looks like as to God’s creation. Not physically(it is important), but spiritually the creation is not what it is supposed to be in God’s eyes.

*Temple- I want to sidestep to my comment in previous paragraph, to what the connotation of ‘Temple’ is meant. This is one of these things that God does in his scriptures, You have to read the whole bible to get the meaning of a word,phrase, or story to understand it. We don’t know what a temple is until God tell’s the Israelites what it is,how it is,where it its and why.

It isn’t until we read this portion of God’s description of the temple, that we see what He built in the Garden of Eden was the same thing!! It was never ‘called’ temple but in description it was.

God’s Temple– a place for image of the God, A God, A people. (ironically this is the same with any god of the times then, and so obvious of the time that we live in now!!)

God is not finished with his Temple,people,King. (although, this is actually what Jesus is saying when He is on the cross “It is finished”, the start of His kingdom is now in motion, I will announce the new but old kingdom in three days!!

Temple’s in the bible……….

Garden of Eden

Jerusalem-(a walled city of Israelites) *walled-yes this is ironic but let me show you something that you may have not thought of.  A walled off people that were different than anyone else in the world. circumcision-the identity of a people and their God. Jerusalem(jerusalem temple was built on a hill)  So………………………..

God built a people, a Temple, and a God, a “my people to be a light upon a hill, for the world to know”.

New Jerusalem=Revelation 21- The old is new. (The new is the old) can you see it? (The old is fulfilled in the new)


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