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Biblical Study

I thought I would share some of the things that I use in my studies in the bible, I should have mentioned a few of these by now to help people do their own study.

One that is very helpful to me is the Bible online program of Blueletterbible.org. It will let you use any version of the bible for versatility of words. It many reference’s to use on your studying to look up with.

It has the options of using a deeper look at the scriptures if that is what you want, such as the original text of hebrew or greek, this I have found out is a slow but incite full  way to learn a new language, but it does help.

You can do scripture search, word search, and chapter and verse. Various things are there for you to try out. Audio listening of the bible is a bonus if you wish with also devotionals for the day.

So check it out at blueletterbible.org!!

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