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Their are so many.

They have so many meanings.

They even have more than one meaning,sometimes.

But you put them together and they can make music to an avid reader that will send him wondering in awe.

But it all comes down to context.

Unless you see and understand in what reference all the words are referring to, will you understand all their meanings.

This is exactly the point in the biblical narrative of the story of God.

Sure, we can just pull out those sunday school bible stories that we have heard time after time from the old testament and let those singular stories teach us something that was instrumental in the people lives so we could live by, but, there’s something more there if we just take in the whole  scripture into consideration.

We have to take the bible into God’s Context!

It’s not about the little stories we know, not about the history, not about the stories of coming out of punishment from our wrong doing, it ‘s about what God set in motion that will not be stopped, for anything, not even Hell’s gate.

I strongly urge you that when you read the bible, do not be pushed to read the bible in a year or two year plan, but read it a organized way of reading the old testament first, then new testament or vica versa. This will give you almost a new glimpse of how God’s plan was being conceived, and brought about in his own time.

One of my favorite words that I use is ‘Paradigm’, this word means : * example, pattern; especially :  an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype. This is what needs to be seen or read in reading the scriptures to see what the BIG Picture is all about. While you are reading you will ‘hear’ or ‘see’ things that will ‘connect’ a paradigm together, which will come into focus. The what’s,where’s,why’s,when’s and how’s will show their heads once you see the big picture.

This is all because you started to look at words in context of God. It will almost make you giddy when you feel it!!

*-Merriam -Webster Dictionary


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