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(This post was written a few years back and just never posted, hope you enjoy and comment on it with your thoughts.)

I just don’t get it? God said he would do it!

Matthew 16:17-18 Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you,but my Father who is in heaven.18. And I tell you, you are Peter,and on this rock I will build by church, and the gates of of hell shall not prevail against it.

I fell into the trap too. Call it heritity,stupid, don’t care attitude, going with the flow, I didn’t know better, I never read the bible to know different, there is more but these are just a few of why we have gone on for so long not knowing God’s in control. For to long now we have relied on that sunday morning ritual of just going to church and hearing that sermon about why we are not who we should be, and let me tell you where you went wrong speech. (I am truly sorry to point this this out but it is true)

We as people,(not necessarily just christians) have been under the impression that we are to help God make the Church?  Let just sit back and think about this one,k. what did you come up with?  Now, my God is Big, He is awesome, He can do anything,(creation),He can Say anything and make it happen.(light),He can be anywhere,at the same time,He is with me,He is with you as you are reading this! WOW.

Now, why would God rely on us to do some of his work for Him? Don’t know about you but I make alot of mistakes! Don’t think God has that in mind in making His Church. Did you know that  us christians have been working on the church for over 2000 years now. Boy, I think I could build a structure by myself in that amount of time, I know, not quite the same thing.  But if understand the reasoning behind this you will start to understand that only God can do it.

Here, in my eyes, is the problem.        We have it backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say what? Yes!

Let me explain, God thru Jesus,is the body. It is this that if we believe, are in Christ which is His body/church.

Let me share an analogy with you. Most people that know me know that I am a Huge Nebraska Football fan. I collect  things,shirts,jackets,hats and footballs with the Huskers on it. You see, I have bought into to the notion that I am apart of the team, even tho I am 8 hours away from the stadium, and the huge crowd of fans. I watch on tv like I was there, I holler when they win, and wimper when they lose. I am a Husker.

Now,beware there are alot of us out there, we are in your neighborhood, could be your next door friend, but we are all over the world. You know who they are, because we will tell you,over and over again. We actually have little bodies of people that meet on saturday’s and watch the games,too.

The fact that there are 86,000 plus people in one place enjoying the Huskers play in Lincoln,Nebraska on saturday’s in the fall is just moment in time that all husker fans are in one place at one time. When in fact that when the game is over, they all go back to their homes around the country. This still makes them Huskers. It is that we(husker fans) are in(to) the huskers that we are one as a entity. Being a Husker is an identification with the team, we are the body of it in essence.

Now go back and re-read my analogy and this time substitute the word huskers with the word Church/body.(I prefer to use the word body, in this sense because of ‘church’ always being used as a double meaning of a building.)

You can also use the illustration of the old testament of the Israelites as God’s people that were designated  as His. It was never illustrated by God, that they were not his people when they were not all together at a specific point or day. They were the body because they were God’s people, and God’s definition of them was their loyalty to him and his ways.

Wow, this just blows my mind when I think of it this way!!

But just remember that it is first that we are in God thru Christ that makes us the church. It is as His people,His Israel, His bride, His Body that we are Indwelt in Him that makes the Church. Believing that Jesus was the new example of creation(2nd/New),that makes us apart of the new creation.

I hope that you can maybe see this in a different light and that you will ask questions and see if you can see where we have put the cart before the horse.


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I find it ironic that that this word ‘Worship’ can be used as a noun(object) or a verb(action).(I do this for mainly me,wasn’t that good in english in school.)lol

The verb of this word assumes that you have the noun of this word.

Because you cannot have the verb without the noun first!

But I have problems with the noun first with society and christianity that troubles me. I fear that most people do not know or just not understand who or what they are worshiping!

If you ask everyone who or what people(society) worship(n) they will name of ,they will name off a hundred things, just say “everything”. But they will sometimes cringe when you try to name their personal ‘Worship'(n), it is hard for everyone to admit.

It is even more interesting when you prod them on first what or who it is, then you ask them to explore their lives and define how they live. Is it ‘all’, ‘part’ or ‘none’ of the defining things of who or what they see as ‘Worship'(n) of their belief?

After all, it is proof in the pudding in one’s own life on your life as an ‘example’ of one’s ‘Worship'(v).

One can also be fooled into believing that they are worshiping their ‘one true god’ when in fact they could be serving multiple gods. But for them to see that they are actually ‘worshiping'(n) the others will be a tough sell for them to see. Again, it is the actions of oneself to that ‘worship'(v) that prove itself to that god.

You see, if one is proclaiming to be that one ‘Worship'(n) person, it must be of ‘all or nothing’, there cannot be the multitude of ‘Worship'(n). It is especially designed in God’s Kingdom, that His proclamation is that “He is Lord of all”. This utterance of Kingship is in demanding sola rule. His rule trumps everyone and everything.

It is not realized with people that they have other things or people sharing that ‘worship'(n) with God. It is wise for one to sit back and look at the understanding of who is receiving their ‘worship'(v).

We must look at the things that we have that are blocking or are in-between what we ‘Worship'(n). We are fooled in thinking that their is nothing between us and Worship(n). But their usually is. There are alot of things that are, once we see what has our priorities are, we see we have multitude’s of things that get in our way of our ‘first’ worship'(n).

Just for fun let us look at some of the things that people mention as possible ‘gods’ of their ‘worship’. There is money, work, sex, nothing, drugs, living, life, stars, people, politics, evil, it is these that are more defined in our lives but it is also the little things that control our lives because of what we do that defines the ‘worship'(n) of our ‘worship'(v).

Take time to re-visit your worship(v) to see where your worship(n) really is. It might be very revealing!!



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1 Corinthians 15

The Gospel, revisited.

This is great look at the gospel. What it is,in truth,and life.

Go thru this chapter verse by verse,slowly and ponder the meaning of it.

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Did not Sin have to be created, so that sins would be a result of it?

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An author of a subject that he is writing about, uses a very distinct language so that the words he uses are familiar with the reader, or student. His many descriptive words for  conveying the same meaning can lead to a very elaborate picture of his subject that he is painting before our eyes.

These words are spread out over all the material that he uses to describe his story. Although, in some instances it can take another form of the descriptive language, to convey his point to build upon the knowledge of the subject. It is like any other thing that we do or say, our understanding needs to be enhanced or grown into the full meaning of the subject that the author is talking about.

This is the exact model that God has used in telling of his story. He has used very distinctive language of his story telling. You may not see it right at first, but the further into the story you start seeing the layout of God’s design of story telling. A lawyer uses the court language, a carpenter uses building language, a doctor uses medical language, and God uses his own language.

If you can see it in the first book of the bible,Genesis, and use it from the beginning of Genesis(it’s in the middle of the book) and take it all the way thru to the book of Revelation, you will see how amazing God’s story is and how it expands on it and the storyline throughout the bible and even in our timeline that it is still occurring.

I would love to hear from you on this subject, and what you think it could be. Albeit, there are a few of minor language’s that God uses, but their is one major one that overrides the others.

Let me know what you think!

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