Looking at ‘ourselves’ from the outside

As I have said before to many people, I listen,watch alot of different things coming from different perspectives, to see it from all the angles of my studies of the bible and religion. It is the sociological aspect that I have come to realize that I like to do, especially when I am out in a crowd , I listen to people in their lives and stories that they tell to have an impulse on what the world is saying. (My wife doesn’t tho, says that I am not listening to her! lol. probably right tho. Sorry!)

But it is with this intriguing wanting, that I can, and do learn things. So it has happened again to me when I stumbled upon a youtube video of a debate between catholics and protestants over the topic of ‘Sola Scriptura”.Sola Scriptura is the understanding that it is the written word of God is the only determining factor of knowing God. Youtube.com by the way is incredibly one of the ways that we can learn and expand our knowledge of religion,bible,God, and all things scripturally.

I use Youtube to access thousands of video and audio of various authors,speakers, ministers, and resources that I would not be able to access otherwise.

It is this debate over the topic of ‘Sola Scriptura’, which can be seen here at this link https://youtu.be/mHM7xVRdh5U it would be wise for christians to listen(no video) to this debate not just for the topic of discussion, but also from the bigger problematic  picture of both sides.

My observation of the debate is eye opening to all who are represented in this discussion. It is the ‘what people see and hear’ of what they see and hear to the ‘outsiders’ or the ‘world’, that we need to see what is really going on in the world with religion. My sort of snide but tongue in cheek comment to myself was “What if, you both are wrong?” lol

The discussion was and is very deep in biblical back story and to the historical importance of the old and new testaments, which as we know can be seen different ways.

But maybe, just maybe they ‘are’ both wrong. What if ‘they’ are discussing things that are important but not that important to what the ‘message’ is, as opposed to the ‘text’. The ‘message’ being Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22. The ‘Holy four chapters of God’s words, where there is ‘no’ hiccup in God’s Eternal Purpose.

Genesis- The beginning of God’s creation of his people(all), his land(world), and his kingdom(His Rule).

Revelation- The actual fulfillment of God’s Creation of people,land,and Kingdom.



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