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Do we really ‘see’ it?

Do we listen to ourselves when we are talking, especially when we are with our ‘christian friends’? Is it just lip service? Is it staying with the script? Is it talking in a monotone? Is it real?

I am just wondering  why we just repeat what we have heard,have been told, or just say everything that we read in black and white.

The old testament story is exactly that, a story. A story of  a creator that is a one of kind, He created everything. Just can’t say that about every creator. This creator designed his creation to go hand in hand with his plan even tho his second creation,the first being the world, to go astray from him,in essence to deny their own creator and to be touted to be their own master’s of their own world. This story has generated a twist that not anyone would of seen coming. But it did. God’s creation, man, has left him, shunned their maker to go their own way.

What was in that ‘apple’? LOL

The bible(God’s story) originally spoken in the time of God’s narrative of his journey with his world and his people, both, he had designs for his oneness with them. The written word which is before us when we look at it now, seems to be just a ‘newspaper’, an item that is black and white and read all over. (kid’s joke, I just couldn’t resist!)  Pretty stale,too.

My sadness and dismay that we are so insulated or hardened to the ‘real’ meaning of the story had made me feel so little and frustrated over the blindness that christians have over and over say to themselves and even others that causes us to be very ineffective in the world in which we live in. It is this blindness, we cannot ‘see’ God’s plan is almost as if God has put the ‘clay’ on our eyesight to be hampered in our understanding on purpose.

This is my only hope, that this is the reason that God’s people are on this road to hopelessness, ineffective, the same,  not different, but of the world! This is not what God’s intention was designed to be, for the first people(Israel), for christians, to be a standout kind of representation or a ‘Image’ of God.

What our  evaluation  should be is ‘what did we miss’ in the story of God,his son,his people and his kingdom.

Genesis is the starting point to God’s story, So it should be for our search for God’s eternal purpose.

As Genesis is the beginning of God’s story, then Revelation must be the culmination of it. We must read the end too. Genesis 1-2, & Revelation 21-22 is God’s plan,design and the story comes to fruition in God’s wonderful story.  Try reading just those four chapters together, then start reading the bible with those four chapters in mind with the storyline in mind to start and finish the story.




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Where are God’s people?

Can you see them? Can you hear them? Can you sense them?

Think about that for a little while.

Okay, what did you come away with? Are there any distinctions that Christ like people have? Can you tell anything from them? Can you spot them in a line up? Could you convict them of being of ‘God’s people’?

I would like to touch on just one of  many characteristics of anyone that is ‘Christlike’.

It is the ‘desire’ of oneself to be closer or to know of the one that you ‘worship’. Let me start with the definition of “Worship”. John 4.23 “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.(Italics added) This is what is called the ‘pinnacle’ of total belief.

Now what is spirit and truth? For the purpose of this blog, I would like to skip to the second one- Truth. Let me just start with the most obvious one. John 14.6 (all texts are using NASB.) Jesus said to him,”I am the way,and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father but through me.”

Now using this as our baseline for work,lets break this down even farther. John 14.6 is telling us that the three things are pointing to him. These three things are in essence ………Jesus. Three things- ‘the way’,’the truth’,’the life’. I would like again to break this down and concentrate on just but one and start there.  ‘The Truth’ what is it? What does it look like,who says it, what is it about, should I believe it.

Defining ‘Truth’ can be a tricky thing to answer, even for Pontius Pilate who talks with Jesus, he says in John 18.38 Pilate *said to Him, “What is truth?” And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and *said to them, “I find no guilt in Him. Pilate being a Roman governor of Judea, had no definition of what truth was.

With all the references to truth, It was the Messiah was questioning what the truth was to everyone. Jesus’s walking and talking with all that he came into contact with questioning “what was the truth”. The people knew,the local leaders knew, the religious people knew, even the world knew because of their Caesar.(Caesar was their truth, after all this is what they were worshiping)  Who was it, what was it?

. It is the capturing of the message that God,his people,their leaders, disciples, apostles, that Jesus was the Messiah to lead them from this world into God’s kingdom within the new creation.

But to the point of the discussion, I must point out that it is the lack of need of most christianity that they feel like there is no need to ‘know’ these things, to study the scriptures in a more deep and ‘seeing’ way. I have sensed that there is not much desire for this deep earnest desire to search the word to ‘find’ what the ‘truth’ really is.

*Get a few people together and just talk the scriptures, discuss the theology of God. Find only the ones that are just plain giddy to be studying God’s word to ‘see’ what it says on a every day basis. Those are the ones that are ‘in Christ’. “Where two or three are gathered together………I am there also.”

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Say it isn’t so!

This ‘kingdom’ has got us wrapped around its little finger and we don’t even know it, or worse we don’t care!

There is this ‘just another day’ of life, and whatever it is that I must do to get thru it I will. There is even this notion that I must ‘better’ myself that I can make it easier on myself or get ahead that it is the right thing to do. Are we playing their rules or God’s? What does it say to our teammates or our adversaries? They are probably as confused as we are? We have to play the game. And we have to win! Where will it end, and when?

This kingdom that has got us is the one that has been around since it was created by ‘us’ the smart ones(the ones that said we could handle making the rules,and say who is in charge) starting with Adam and Eve and still continuing  with ‘us’.

The good things have been good, we can create our own good, our own way,our own time. That is in our own thinking,according to our individualist way, to each our own! LOL, look where this has got us, we believe we can and will create our own ‘good’, it should be respected by all that are around us and beyond. It is my right. But wait, it now can offend someone? And it is not alright, say it isn’t so. ha ha. Have we now created a conundrum all by our selves? We have created confusion all amongst ourselves, just in the name of us wanting to ‘set’ the rules of our ‘kingdom’.

Now, the bad. Where does one start? I’ll just let you fill in the blanks, the fact that you can fill in the blanks, should tell us something! But yet we still do it?

I almost feel that this encapsulating feeling is that it is the only game in town to be in to play. But why. For some of us, it should be seen as a insult. We know better.

Christianity has and is playing the same game! Why? …………….     I think I know, and it isn’t going to go over very well.

You see it is for the same reason  that God told all of God’s people of the old testament, it is for your ‘good’ that you seen as  the ‘good’ people of God and to be looked at as “My People” said God. It is to be that ‘they’ will ‘see’ who you are and believe that “I am your God”.  God told his believers that ‘He will make his people’, it would be in his own way and time. It was told to the Jews that they should not mix with their neighbors,because of the influence that they would have on them.  Their ways,their gods, their practices, and their rituals were the dirt to the white robes of the Israelites.

It is for this reason that it has evident that this is what has taken place to christianity. In our quest to welcome our neighbor to our family we have also welcomed the dirt of that neighbor in with it. It is when we welcome in the one that is family into our family that is unique and right to be apart of that family that we see that it belongs without hesitation that we can be white and pure in the truest sense.

Our ‘being’ Christlike  ‘is’ the attraction that everyone will see that we are christians, or to be more succinct, They(non-believers) will come to be in Him by ‘our being like Him’.

So, let’s don’t say: Say it isn’t so, that we(christians) are just like everybody else!

Let’s be different! Let’s be not of this world,kingdom but let us be of God’s kingdom and be different! Let’s be Christlike.

Let’s be of that “Kingdom not of this world” says Jesus.




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