Do we really ‘see’ it?

Do we listen to ourselves when we are talking, especially when we are with our ‘christian friends’? Is it just lip service? Is it staying with the script? Is it talking in a monotone? Is it real?

I am just wondering  why we just repeat what we have heard,have been told, or just say everything that we read in black and white.

The old testament story is exactly that, a story. A story of  a creator that is a one of kind, He created everything. Just can’t say that about every creator. This creator designed his creation to go hand in hand with his plan even tho his second creation,the first being the world, to go astray from him,in essence to deny their own creator and to be touted to be their own master’s of their own world. This story has generated a twist that not anyone would of seen coming. But it did. God’s creation, man, has left him, shunned their maker to go their own way.

What was in that ‘apple’? LOL

The bible(God’s story) originally spoken in the time of God’s narrative of his journey with his world and his people, both, he had designs for his oneness with them. The written word which is before us when we look at it now, seems to be just a ‘newspaper’, an item that is black and white and read all over. (kid’s joke, I just couldn’t resist!)  Pretty stale,too.

My sadness and dismay that we are so insulated or hardened to the ‘real’ meaning of the story had made me feel so little and frustrated over the blindness that christians have over and over say to themselves and even others that causes us to be very ineffective in the world in which we live in. It is this blindness, we cannot ‘see’ God’s plan is almost as if God has put the ‘clay’ on our eyesight to be hampered in our understanding on purpose.

This is my only hope, that this is the reason that God’s people are on this road to hopelessness, ineffective, the same,  not different, but of the world! This is not what God’s intention was designed to be, for the first people(Israel), for christians, to be a standout kind of representation or a ‘Image’ of God.

What our  evaluation  should be is ‘what did we miss’ in the story of God,his son,his people and his kingdom.

Genesis is the starting point to God’s story, So it should be for our search for God’s eternal purpose.

As Genesis is the beginning of God’s story, then Revelation must be the culmination of it. We must read the end too. Genesis 1-2, & Revelation 21-22 is God’s plan,design and the story comes to fruition in God’s wonderful story.  Try reading just those four chapters together, then start reading the bible with those four chapters in mind with the storyline in mind to start and finish the story.




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