Reading vs Study

Came across a discussion of people that was brought up over reading the scriptures or to study the scriptures?

Is it good to just read the scriptures from beginning to end just to say that we have read them, in a year, or two years? What does it do for us  to say that “yes, I remember reading that once” to someone who asks? Does vaguely remembering a story or thought help us out on sunday mornings sermon? Does remembering some historical biblical names help us to ‘see’ the story and message to us? What should our expectations be in just reading the scriptures?

Studying anything is good. Studying the bible is a must. It not only is crucial to God’s message, but to know him in a way that is vital to his fellowship with us. It is that bonding element of God’s thoughts,ways,desires, and eternal purpose that should inspire us to be with him. I for one, am not keen on the just read it just for the sake of reading it in a year or two. It is so wrong on many levels. Personally, I could not do it, my mind and thoughts won’t let me, I have to relook at each concept or story that is told to see it’s meaning, after all that’s why there are footnotes and cross references in the bible!lol Yes, I read them all!

Let me know how you feel on this subject, and why? Is it good to do just the one? both? or does it matter?


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