I can’t emphasize this enough in reading anything. But especially the bible. It’s all about the context.

There are two points that I would like make that will illustrate this issue. The first one is that to many times we in our unknowing ways seem to default to our ‘today’s’ thoughts and ways of the context of a biblical story or thought. We seem to use our ‘ways’ or processing of our insight to the scriptures, it is this that has distorted the real understanding of the scriptures.

It is when we use the context of the ‘age’,’social’,’language’,’life’, or the ‘God language’ to interpret the message of the text to come to a different conclusion. The most intrinsic detail that has made a difference will lead to a total different conclusion to a passage. It must be used in this way to fully understand what the ‘whole’ story of God and his eternal purpose.

Secondly, something that it is not even brought up in our shaded glasses to interpret the scriptures is  ‘Enlightenment’ age that has distorted our glasses to see the real message, it is to long to get into now but it would be wise to at least know what it is and how it changed the perception of life and of how we perceived society,people and even ourselves.

It still is making a negative impression upon us to this day, which is also touching us in christianity’s understanding of the scriptures.

Understand what ‘Context’ is and why it is important!


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