Is there a Kingdom in our future?

There are some things that christianity does not ‘see’ in their quest to  understand the scriptures.

Let me briefly just state two of those things. One is that, we with our human wisdom have created our own reality,paradigm, or kingdom in which we have established rules, laws, treaties, things that have made our living with each other ‘sort of’ in a reasonable way. But if we look back at some of past history we will see that we really haven’t done a very good job of it. Our indignation of our mankind thinking that we are full of answers to all the problems(which at first glance we thought we would just be invincible and have no problems) and we would be our own leaders and neighbors to live in harmony.

This kingdom as ‘our’ world, in the past and even to this day is a disaster in the daily kind. It is this that needs the fixing.

The second thing is the reality of our God and what he is doing to this day in our world. It again goes back to the early days of christianity when God sends his son to earth as ‘example’ of the sin that mankind had created in trying to become something that God had not intended them to be. Man was to be the Image in ‘God’s Temple’ and to be the caretaker of the Kingdom that He had built and designed.

This ‘New Kingdom’ will still be that of what   was first designed in the garden of eden, The Kingdom, The King, and his Image- Mankind.


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