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Oh, it is so key to anything that we want to know about!

If you start off on the wrong foot…….

Taking the wrong fork in the road will……..

These are a few of the sayings that we have that will affirm our suspicions that if we are under the wrong footings to start with, then we will surely end up somewhere where we don’t won’t to be.

This can be especially true when we as christians read the bible, and start with reading it from the beginning and just don’t ‘see’ what it is saying or representing a picture to us.

When we take anything and explain it to someone without actually being ‘in’ the original ‘construction’ or ‘ideal’ to know what the ‘idea’ was.

Genesis 1-2 is ‘Key’ to understanding the rest of the ‘whole’ storyline of the scriptures, it’s the Paradigm of God’s design of His creation! If you don’t fully understand it, re-read it 3 or 4 times, with a new and open mind from what you have previously understood the interpretation of the two chapters.

As with anything ‘new’ to us when we read something, is to know what the writer or author is telling us the starting point to where you will start and what the objective is.

Genesis is telling you something or showing you something  that you don’t know what it is yet.(My understanding) It won’t hit you what it is, until you read Leviticus. What? Leviticus is the manual for the Jewish people to design and create a ‘Temple’ for God to be apart for them. Now you have to go and read Leviticus to understand!! ha,ha. Pay close attention to the part that explains the Holy of Hollies, Image and the whole Temple concept.

Now go back and read Genesis 1-2. God,Image(Man), and his space(World)!!



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You can see it, You can feel it, and You can hear it.

Christianity is going thru a transformation in my opinion. I follow alot of authors of books or just blogs of various people in institutional church’s and out of the ‘church’. I watch video of people of pastors,teachers, authors, theologians to just follow them to be a fly on the wall to just see what the author or pastor’s are saying, but then the most interesting thing to do is to read the comment section of what ever you are reading. What is so interesting is that you get the full spectrum of things said by everyone.

What you need to do when you do this is listen from the commenter on where they are coming from. Inside the church, or outside the church. The ones that are speaking from inside the church are coming from the point that they are frustrated with one of many aspects of ‘their church’ that is actually a superficial skin of the makeup of their ‘worship’ experience. Which I could write a book on the subject on this but let me point out a couple of things which stick out that needs to be addressed.

You know the subject of ‘worship’ is just messed up in the mind of christians in that if we don’t like ‘the way’ the things are done, that all you have to do is to ‘church hop’ or building hop. This is changing scenes of your worship, to see if another ‘church’ within your denomination does it ‘better’. LOL. If the worship of your God is the one that you are worshipping on sunday morning at 10 am. and what you don’t like the ‘way’ the things are done(by your fellow worshippers, which are led by a pastor in the ‘service’. What part is wrong? The God, or the worshippers? God is Almighty, the Creator Lord and Savior. The worshippers are then to fault, Are they worshipping wrong, wrong day, wrong music,wrong preacher, wrong building, what is it?

There has been 50-60 years of trial and error of things from programs, people,style,day, and anything else that a ‘church’ has tried to bring in people to ‘save’ or to keep in their midst. But just maybe, it’s not anything of the things listed above. What if it is actually a different ‘Paradigm’ all together. Say Wwwwhhhhhaaattt?! This has always bugged me on the denial of this answer. Is it because of the ramifications that it would mean to the one we have now? I think that this is probably half of the problem and the other half would be the lack of knowledge of what worship is!

The other aspect of christians who are in turmoil  in their worship, come to realization that it is  just the denomination that is the issue in there church, and we have to just go to the extreme of denomination or even to go further and go into one of the world religions to be relieved of your anxiety of the right way to ‘worship’. How is it that  our ‘worship’ which is in disarray, gets defined by a new building of ceremony.

Where is our understanding of what ‘worship’ is defined? It is in Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22. check it out.

The final point is that there is alot of ‘Stirring’ in people trying to figure out what Worship of their God Is. Whether it be bad or good, it is being questioned, and it should.

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All Wrong

They are doing it, and don’t even realize it!

Bloggers, news reports, church denominations, individuals, and worse is the pastor’s proclamation of the ‘Church’ losing numbers that has assumed it to be true.

What is it? It is the fact that when they,or whomever talk about the ‘Church’ losing people, young or old. They are insinuating that to be the ‘Church’ you have to be ‘in’ the ‘church’ building to be counted as one of the ‘Church’. (When I use the church designation, I will us the small ‘c’ as the local church, and the large ‘C’ as the Church as a whole. This always needs to be distinguished in any article or discussion.)

As a point of reference, when talking to people about “church” always start with the Corporate Church,(this is why I like using the word ‘body’) using the corporate body as the example dictates what the local body is in definition. Not the other way around.

The mentality of our understanding of the ‘Church’ by being in ‘church’ and using our influence of what we think and do to be the church is absurd.This is not the tail wagging the dog thing!

We sometimes think that because a few things are working, or you are doing your part in the church that it is the way it is supposed to be, but this is so far from the truth that it doesn’t make sense. It is like you can’t see the forrest because of the trees!

What needs to be discussed first is the actually the meaning of the word “church”. What has happened over the centuries we have lost the meaning of God’s People. We have boxed the meaning of it, literally!! Get it! LOL God’s people have never been designed to be in one location on a certain day of the week. Unless you mean Adam and Eve as the first ‘church’. Worship was not intended to be what it is today by along shot, it was ‘God and his creation communing together in the world that He created’. How this is changed!!

If this sounds familiar, it is because this is the Garden  of Eden story and also(Good News) this is what is in the end also. Revelation 21-22! Humanity has hijacked God’s world and along with the ‘christians’ have gone their own way to further their own destruction. But it is the resurrection of Jesus that has begun the ‘New Creation’ of God’s world and His government that we will again commune with Him, all of us.

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Outside Sources

Question. Who uses outside sources in their biblical studies, either at church,home or just personally use things. Things like theology based research on a topic, or summary of a theme in the bible, that you needed clarification or just insight on. This is also a very hot topic with me the last few months, it is the rare occasion that when a ‘christian’ does read a topic it is a very superficial subject  of the human condition, that it is trying to make everything alright with you if you will just buckle down and do this and that and that is what is the problem with ‘their christianity’ in the church’s.

This is something that is a major concern in my opinion to  ‘christianity’ is the emphasis on the ‘singleness’ of the body, and not the body itself. The body of Christ has no idea what it is,what it is supposed to do, and when! So how do you expect the parts to be what they are if they don’t know what the body is? One Body, One Spirit, One God.

But I digress, O.T. and N.T. both need help(not the bible itself) in ‘our eyes’ because of the way we have looked at it the 500 years. We have either taken things literal or have taken things out of context, even worse, we have looked at the bible thru our 2018 glasses and seen something that is not there, when we should of looked at the bible with our 1st Century glasses and seen and heard a totally different story. It’s there, just be ready for it.

Other than Theology(people that study a subject or a person for years to know all they can know) books there are other avenues to use such as video’s,audio, blogs, speakers, Theology papers, Old manuscripts, archaeological news, Apocrypha,  Pseudepigraha and their are others beyond this.

The bible was not written to us, but for us.  Let this sink in.

We must not duplicate it, but learn from it. Know what it is, and why.

Learn, Learn, and Learn some more.

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Garden of Eden

I am curious why the “Gospel” is never traced back to the Garden of Eden as reference?

Seems logical to me. But never is!



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