Outside Sources

Question. Who uses outside sources in their biblical studies, either at church,home or just personally use things. Things like theology based research on a topic, or summary of a theme in the bible, that you needed clarification or just insight on. This is also a very hot topic with me the last few months, it is the rare occasion that when a ‘christian’ does read a topic it is a very superficial subject  of the human condition, that it is trying to make everything alright with you if you will just buckle down and do this and that and that is what is the problem with ‘their christianity’ in the church’s.

This is something that is a major concern in my opinion to  ‘christianity’ is the emphasis on the ‘singleness’ of the body, and not the body itself. The body of Christ has no idea what it is,what it is supposed to do, and when! So how do you expect the parts to be what they are if they don’t know what the body is? One Body, One Spirit, One God.

But I digress, O.T. and N.T. both need help(not the bible itself) in ‘our eyes’ because of the way we have looked at it the 500 years. We have either taken things literal or have taken things out of context, even worse, we have looked at the bible thru our 2018 glasses and seen something that is not there, when we should of looked at the bible with our 1st Century glasses and seen and heard a totally different story. It’s there, just be ready for it.

Other than Theology(people that study a subject or a person for years to know all they can know) books there are other avenues to use such as video’s,audio, blogs, speakers, Theology papers, Old manuscripts, archaeological news, Apocrypha,  Pseudepigraha and their are others beyond this.

The bible was not written to us, but for us.  Let this sink in.

We must not duplicate it, but learn from it. Know what it is, and why.

Learn, Learn, and Learn some more.


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