You can see it, You can feel it, and You can hear it.

Christianity is going thru a transformation in my opinion. I follow alot of authors of books or just blogs of various people in institutional church’s and out of the ‘church’. I watch video of people of pastors,teachers, authors, theologians to just follow them to be a fly on the wall to just see what the author or pastor’s are saying, but then the most interesting thing to do is to read the comment section of what ever you are reading. What is so interesting is that you get the full spectrum of things said by everyone.

What you need to do when you do this is listen from the commenter on where they are coming from. Inside the church, or outside the church. The ones that are speaking from inside the church are coming from the point that they are frustrated with one of many aspects of ‘their church’ that is actually a superficial skin of the makeup of their ‘worship’ experience. Which I could write a book on the subject on this but let me point out a couple of things which stick out that needs to be addressed.

You know the subject of ‘worship’ is just messed up in the mind of christians in that if we don’t like ‘the way’ the things are done, that all you have to do is to ‘church hop’ or building hop. This is changing scenes of your worship, to see if another ‘church’ within your denomination does it ‘better’. LOL. If the worship of your God is the one that you are worshipping on sunday morning at 10 am. and what you don’t like the ‘way’ the things are done(by your fellow worshippers, which are led by a pastor in the ‘service’. What part is wrong? The God, or the worshippers? God is Almighty, the Creator Lord and Savior. The worshippers are then to fault, Are they worshipping wrong, wrong day, wrong music,wrong preacher, wrong building, what is it?

There has been 50-60 years of trial and error of things from programs, people,style,day, and anything else that a ‘church’ has tried to bring in people to ‘save’ or to keep in their midst. But just maybe, it’s not anything of the things listed above. What if it is actually a different ‘Paradigm’ all together. Say Wwwwhhhhhaaattt?! This has always bugged me on the denial of this answer. Is it because of the ramifications that it would mean to the one we have now? I think that this is probably half of the problem and the other half would be the lack of knowledge of what worship is!

The other aspect of christians who are in turmoil  in their worship, come to realization that it is  just the denomination that is the issue in there church, and we have to just go to the extreme of denomination or even to go further and go into one of the world religions to be relieved of your anxiety of the right way to ‘worship’. How is it that  our ‘worship’ which is in disarray, gets defined by a new building of ceremony.

Where is our understanding of what ‘worship’ is defined? It is in Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22. check it out.

The final point is that there is alot of ‘Stirring’ in people trying to figure out what Worship of their God Is. Whether it be bad or good, it is being questioned, and it should.


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