Oh, it is so key to anything that we want to know about!

If you start off on the wrong foot…….

Taking the wrong fork in the road will……..

These are a few of the sayings that we have that will affirm our suspicions that if we are under the wrong footings to start with, then we will surely end up somewhere where we don’t won’t to be.

This can be especially true when we as christians read the bible, and start with reading it from the beginning and just don’t ‘see’ what it is saying or representing a picture to us.

When we take anything and explain it to someone without actually being ‘in’ the original ‘construction’ or ‘ideal’ to know what the ‘idea’ was.

Genesis 1-2 is ‘Key’ to understanding the rest of the ‘whole’ storyline of the scriptures, it’s the Paradigm of God’s design of His creation! If you don’t fully understand it, re-read it 3 or 4 times, with a new and open mind from what you have previously understood the interpretation of the two chapters.

As with anything ‘new’ to us when we read something, is to know what the writer or author is telling us the starting point to where you will start and what the objective is.

Genesis is telling you something or showing you something  that you don’t know what it is yet.(My understanding) It won’t hit you what it is, until you read Leviticus. What? Leviticus is the manual for the Jewish people to design and create a ‘Temple’ for God to be apart for them. Now you have to go and read Leviticus to understand!! ha,ha. Pay close attention to the part that explains the Holy of Hollies, Image and the whole Temple concept.

Now go back and read Genesis 1-2. God,Image(Man), and his space(World)!!



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