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The Whole.

Yes, We are apart of the Whole.

It’s time to start changing our perspective.

We are one, in the whole!

The problem with this is that we are messed up in the whole!

The catalyst for this downfall is our ineptness to think that we are all knowing, all being, and all mighty! This is the our history, our mode of operating in our world to ‘be’ the ruler of this kingdom. Take a minute, and look at our(mankind’s ruler-ship) by the century, and see if you can find any good things throughout the world that would be considered a triumphant way of life and that it took anchor in this kingdom of self-made of ours. Give yourself 10 minutes to find something.

Did you find anything? If you did find something it  was in passing, it never took hold in our kingdom. Why is that? Look at some of the things that humanity has done in accomplishment’s- science, travel, war, knowledge, health, and most of all we have done this all without any help from some deity.

Now let’s start with  this thing called ‘individualism’, that has skewed our outlook on the world. It’s all about me. #me. It is when we start to start from ourselves is when we get into trouble and we miss the perspective of  seeing the world as the “world” and not  Millions of  “Me’s”. We are all on this small dot in this Universe!

This concept has crept in christianity over the century’s to more concerned with the individual than that of the whole of humanity.  If we are all ailing of the same sickness, then why are we looking at the one individual for the cure and not see that the whole is the sickness in of itself.

Mankind is sick.

We are sick because of ourself, because we have been in charge of it.

So what is the solution?

It is to give up the ‘control’ of this world and  give it back to God as it was in the beginning.

It was and is ‘His’ to begin with. We will be His and He will be ‘in’ us.

Until we as ‘Humanity’ see ourselves as the problem we will still be ‘sick’ in ourselves.


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