Singular or plural?

This choice of usage for anything is key to how you understand the story when you use a singular storyline verses a plural storyline.

Maybe, just maybe, we have used the wrong pronoun of the story of Adam and Eve, it is as always, changes any story.

If we could use the plural pronoun, Mankind as the storyline of the world, that needs to be the focus on all things pertaining to the downfall of itself, and the picking itself up and making itself right in God’s design. It is ‘all of mankind’ that is in need to be fixed.

If our focus is that of pinpointing of ‘singleness’ of the world, then this will expand on just the singleness exponential with everyone, which will get its work over of everyone. This could go on forever for everyone. This is shed light on this very issue, in some ministries, which has succumbed alot of people scared and led a stray of the real issue at hand.

It is when we change this outlook of where the issue is that it becomes a  piece of the puzzle that then changes the storyline that we can see the middle and end of the story all fit together.

It is all of mankind that is being focus on, for it is the story of itself that needs to be rescued. It has created a kingdom without their God, It is reiterated many times thru the new testament that God thru the ‘Messiah’ is saving itself from itself, by doing away with the human ‘nature’ , and replacing it with God’s nature and ‘His Kingdom’.

This use of singleness, is absent in the telling of the story of the God’s people. But yet, the plural use of God’s people  are over and over used, it is this that we haven’t notice in the story of His Kingdom.

Go back and look at the various storylines in the old testament that it is a single person that is represented of his people(God’s), it was never the person’s following, but it was God’s people, thru this journey of whatever mess that the people  got into, without realizing that if God’s plan was followed that they would reach their goal.

God’s desire is to work and use ‘people’ in away with making a statement using just a select group to uphold them as God’s people, as the greatest example of Him to the world.

It is here that we are. To be His people being in His Kingdom, being different that our kingdom, to shine and be the light to all.

It is here that we have problems understanding, We have understood this as to shine in our world to influence the others, but No, it is shining in God’s Kingdom, that it will have it’s greatest effect of ‘seeing’ God and His government and rule of mankind and His Kingdom.

Matthew 6. 9-10



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