Do we understand what we say?

“Jesus is Lord”- When we say this out-loud do we really understand what this means?

I think that we really just say this to be saying it. Saying this in the old testament would be really sticking your neck out and making a bold statement to everyone. It was saying that the god of sun,moon,stars,water,earth,war, peace,sex,and all the other gods were not “Lord”. This would of meant denying everyone else’s god for a God of all.

We, in our shallow living of only seeing things as a given to our everyday life of getting up and seeing the sun,stars, the beauty of the earth, the justification of everything that we assume is ‘ours’ to behold is somehow not an issue anymore but a given right of ours.

It is when we proclaim that “Jesus is Lord” over everything in the world,including the circumstances of our lives now, whether in political,social,personal, or just plain life to live we are to believe and know that Jesus is Lord over everything, and everything else is obsolete to know and believe in. God’s way or economy is not of this world, it is told in the Sermon on the Mount as to what it is and how it is to be lived.

Until we know and live this way will not really understand  what we say in “Jesus is Lord” is all about!


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