Christianity and beyond

Have you as a christian looked out over the vast scenario of beliefs of the world outside of your church building, your denomination, your country to see how it varies from your view?

Have you ever met with other friends to sit down and talk God? Have you met with other people from other denominations to talk God? Have you emailed or blog with people from other countries to see,hear, and understand what it is like from their view being in another country.

You ask Why should I do this? Because it is all about “US”, the world as a whole that God is Saving, not just you and I as individuals. It is the corporate body that God is saving! His People, His Creation,His Body.

What will this get us? Why bother, I’m doing it right. Will not this be a temptation to be changed by someone or something?

The purpose of these questions is to open up the box to realize that where we live in our ‘Christianity’ may not be exactly as it should be. We live in a fallen world that has many toils and snares as they say, and it is always crept into our lives even into our christian lives.

Rom 12:2

And do not be conformed to this [fn]world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may [fn]prove what the will of God is, that which is good and [fn]acceptable and perfect.

This verse has always stuck with me for some reason, other that the obvious way, It has made me think that I should(We should) be not thinking of the way of the world’s idea’s or ways of doing things, but in the opposite ways.

God’s ways are unique to us because it is not our natural way of doing things, unless we are apart of Christ, and we are dead in ourselves(the world) to understand what this means to be renewed of our minds. We are to be outside the box of the usual(worldly ways) To be of God’s ways. His ways are to be free from the norm, the human, the special, the gaudy, the one in a million,the rich,the famous, in the know, but to be of God it is to be the opposite. Not of the World.

We are to be special. But in a different way. A way that is being and doing the things of Christ, that people that are living day by day trusting In Him for everything. Giving and Sharing our love of God to others around us showing the world that this is what the ‘Light’ is all about. Darkness has been covering our eyes to see God and his beauty of his people being his people and being Love as God is.


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