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Until we realize, we are in a ‘mankind made world’!

Genesis 1-2 was for a ‘lack of a better phrase’, just Heaven!(which there is none)

God had created a universe that was just out of this world for mankind to be in. It was just a site to be seen. It’s majesty, its beauty, its fullness, its glory was for mankind.

The creator was distinct in everything that he made; the universe, stars,suns,planets, and mankind. It was all for his glory.

God although the creator of all this, put himself in this picture of creation. Now, you just don’t see this when someone creates something, they are in it also. God did. He put himself in the most ironic places in all the world, with his creation of mankind to be with him in the most intimate way. God communed with his creation in a garden.

This is what fellowship or communion is all about. Our designer,creator,gardener of Eden is there with us in a very intimate way. We are totally unaware of anything else around us as being different. We are complete in Life as we know it.

But what changed? I am not sure, but I believe that mankind wanted to be ‘his own creator’, which in this instance, was not what he was designed for, which meant he was going against the grain of his creator.

So pushing the story down the road thru the centuries, we haven’t done a very good job of ‘creating’ our world as we would of liked it. you think? I wonder what ‘in the world’ that mankind was thinking that thought they could perfect perfection that was all around them,for then or for the future? What mentality did we have that would show us that we would be an great leader in all things of this world that someone else designed?

My question is to mankind after 8,000 plus years(one timetable of the world), is this what we were going for? I don’t have enough computer memory for me to put in all the things of the world that have gone ‘bad’ for mankind, do we see it getting better or worse, does mankind get ‘good’ as God describes him, or do we continue to get worse, because of what mankind has shun the creator of himself.

Does mankind revisit the time when mankind had the makings of being in a garden and communing with its maker and enjoying the daily walks with him? Do we see God’s design and temple analogy of his image being in the temple representing him?

What will it take? a cataclysmic event? a world that has totally forsaken him? or will it be when the whole of mankind realizes that ‘we'(mankind,his children) come back to him, in the garden!


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