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The channel

You know. yeah, it’s the messenger, that we praise or we deny the truth from the one speaking to us. But why do we act this way?

You would think that we would accept this fact or story or news from the person who sent him to tell you would be a credible method or credible person to believe in. But we don’t.

Why is it that this only pertains to different things that our unbelief is put into gear and we deny or we need verification to the 3rd degree? Is it us or them?

We have these problems today, people have had these problems for centuries! So what is the problem? When did it start. You can do your own research, but mine has lead me to the beginning of the creation of man, or mankind,whatever you prefer. Mankind was given the tools and ability to make decisions whether they are good or bad for himself or others to make in the garden. It was God that created us in away that would make or break us, it was our decision. We chose to go it alone.

This was our first taste of disbelief. Yes, we did not believe that our creator, would be the one to believe in considering He was the one who design us,created our world, gave us all things for us to sustain ourselves in HIS world, and He even was going to stay in His Kingdom with us. Wow, What were we even thinking? Why would the created, go out on his own, to even match this scenario, let alone do better?

It is even at this point in the story that we know that God was working with us in person, walking thru the garden enjoying the beautiful land,animals,universe, food and just life itself. But it was the disbelief in maybe that this would last, that it was real, or that God was God? What would of come into our conscience that would tell us to venture out on our own journey with out the creator God? and Why.

What is this disbelief? Even tho God made us as his creation and the ‘image of ‘the Trinity’, why did we separate? Why did we refuse to be the image of God?

Why do you think we don’t believe?


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