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I have a question for everyone.

I have had a few of these over the time of my studies of the scriptures and somehow they have been accidently been answered in a roundabout way when doing research. But there has been one that has failed in getting answered.

Why, in all of the old testament,and new testament, and even I believe in the Apocrypha, and also ‘Josephus’ writings(not finished it yet) that there is no references to Adam/Eve’s ‘sin’, and its heredity to whoever(Jews,mankind) as far as the condition that they were in? It seems that it is never brought up as far as a excuse as far as a reason. I wonder if it might of been brought up thru the philosophy of the time, if they were aware of the adam and eve scenario of creation. There just never seems like direct connection to this in everything that I have read, there is hint’s of it, but never an full blown announcement of the cause of their condition.

Which has left me with the next realization, that it wasn’t apart of society’s understanding of the issue with God, it was just that they had not decided to worship God the creator, and they have failed at being ‘Caesar of the World’.


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I save alot of articles that various people have wrote about in the last 10 years, and I came across one that was 9 years ago. It was a review by Frank Viola, on a article of Michael Spencer’s article named “The coming Evangelical collapse”.

Just the title of the blog, was intriguing to me when I first saw it from Spencer, even before Viola’s review was published. It a very good piece of seeing that things were going to change down the road, for the ‘church’. I too seen it coming maybe thru different lenses, than Spencer noted in his piece but it was that thing were going to change was the main issue that I saw.

One of the four points that Spencer noted that in the changes that were to come was the influx of people to two different groups, one being the house church, and the other being the influx of high church denominations(Catholic,Orthodox,Anglican). This is exactly what has happened in the current state of affairs of the church activity. Without going to deep into the ‘why’ this has happened, it has been a fallout from all the ‘institutional denominations’ trying to ‘please’ the worshiper in any way shape and form. We all know what that means! People have just left those kinds of shows to the more intimate ones of ‘house church’s’, that were more real in the fellowship.

One should just sit and think what this is really telling us about what God’s people are searching for in this intimate bond with God. People are truly looking for and finding a ideal of what it is in being ‘with’ God and He with us. It is not the place that I am talking about tho, it is the concept of God and us walking and talking in the world(garden of Eden) as was defined many centuries ago.

One other point that was brought out in the article was about “Evangelical” itself, and it was said by Viola’s friend- “George Barna and I have tried to challenge evangelical Christians with the idea that one of the systemic problems is the very system of organized Christianity – particularly as it relates to the expression of the local church.”

The ‘local church’ has to be redefined, it’s not by the hundreds of the local church’s but by the out flowing of love from the people of God (God’s image)that is seen by other people!

This was and is still today a focus of banter back and forth between the sides, but it seems to to be changing from the norm to a new maybe old way of doing things as we ‘see’ that things of the first century christians were believing that we they stood for was thru their living the way of the Messiah. As they say, time will tell but I believe that just maybe this could be the start of something big, like maybe the “Kingdom of God”!

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are we still confused?

I have distanced myself from the whole business of how christianity,christians are to be pigeon hole into a political realm, for the past 12 years, the only thing that I do do, is laugh at it.

This will go along my same train of thought that I have had in my spiritual journey over the same time frame is to realize that christians and christianity are ‘stuck’ in the thinking that God works in mankind’s realm to fit His realm. His ‘kingdom’ is not our ‘kingdom’. Hear lies the problem, mankind has failed in it’s attempt to be a ‘good’ example of his ‘being in charge’ of the world.

What christianity is trying to do is be ‘Christlike’ thru a ‘christian nation’, this is not what it teaches us in the scriptures, We are to be ‘Christlike’ as a ‘people’ for all the ‘nations.

We fail to use all the pieces that are given to use in the scriptures to fit the whole storyline of God’s eternal purpose. God and Jesus have always been apart of the Heavenly realm, the Kingdom of God. It stands to reason that this kingdom is to be where God is wanting us to get back too. Our desire is to begin to first ‘see’ this Heavenly Kingdom as for what it is, and to then walk and talk in the ‘new light’ that is to be in the ‘new age’.

Our failure to ‘see’ that this was what God was doing with Israel, for all the world to see, and be the difference of a Godly people that all would be coming to Him in Holy Praise!

This is the example that we should still use as the ‘image’ of our God in His temple(world), to all of mankind.

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Does Kingdom theology answer the theology of the Jews?

There is a difference of opinion of the jewish world and of the christian world in the eschatology of both. It has a few reasons why the jewish world has denied the christian eschatology, one has been the notion of dieing in this world and proceed to heaven for all the good people, and the bad, well, you know,hell.

The Kingdom of God theology, that is being now preached in various forms of avenues to christians has a different scenario for all of us. It is the storyline of God creating a world, for his creation’s, to work along side of everything He created, with God walking with us. It was when mankind, saw that He could run it by himself, without the creator in any shape or form. It was a ‘make the world and just leave it to us’ kind of scenario for mankind.

But God had a twist to this storyline, He being the God that He was, was not leaving totally to the story, He was to be involved in various things to maybe show the bad, and good things of the ‘mankind experiment’ until God’s involvement in bringing His people back around to Him. Abraham was the beginning of Gods retaking his world from mankind.

God showing the world that his only son, was the model of God’s ‘New World’ of his Kingdom is born when Jesus conquered the ‘Death’ of Mankind, that was holding it back from achieving the ultimate goal of God’s perfect example of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

God’s Kingdom is alive! It is being lived out in yours and my life that is progressing to the ultimate reality that is described in Revelation 20-21 of the New Testament.

Heaven(God’s government) is now with the world of his people, He is now all in all!

This is a very, very short storyline of what I could actually describe to you but if you desire more explained or just a question of something, I will return a answer, I hope.

Something to think about, it does connect some puzzle pieces tho!

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Don’t subtract, add!

I had a aha moment the other day, that changed the way that I took on life.

If you haven’t seen this video from the Bible Project called “Heaven and Earth”, you must watch it to see my context of the way I do life. To see it go to this

The understanding of Heaven and earth is the first thing that we need to understand(very,very important), once we do, we will ‘see’ the scriptures open up to us.

But to my point, my solution to the problem that I saw was to be less ‘earthly’ to get to that ‘heavenly’ realm, it just seemed right, right! But it hit me that it made more sense to just be in the heavenly realm to be the way to God, after all, this is what we are striving for, and God told us to walk this way, follow me.

So don’t subtract the earthly things, but add the Heavenly things!

Love God with all your heart, Love others! How simple is that!

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Is it ‘me’ or ‘us’?

For those that are unaware of things in the christian realm in theology of our day, there are two prevalent thoughts that are being talked about in churches and out of churches(authors,teachers,theologians).

The two that are being discussed and preached are what we could call the ‘Heaven and Hell’ story which has been the prevalent storyline that christianity has been telling for centuries and the one that is in great discussion in and out of christianity which is the ‘Kingdom of God‘ story.

One question that I have had for over 10 years in my journey that I am on now, is the problem of christianity’s changing the emphasis of the scriptures of the old testament to the new testament in it’s emphasis from ‘a people’ to ‘me’. I’ve asked alot of people this question without any answers or understanding.

Maybe, just maybe this is how we have come to the theology of the concept of ‘heaven and hell’. The old testament is all about ‘the people’, our changing of the emphasis to ‘me’ in the new testament has changed the message of the scriptures to take us down the wrong road which has taken us to this ‘me’ approach of the new testament.

Because we have changed the emphasis of ‘the people’ of the old testament story, and jumped to the new testament for whatever reason to the ‘me’ aspect of the audience that the ‘gospel’ is for, is that this is the outcome that we get.

But if we stay with the emphasis of ‘the people’ of the old testament to the new testament we come up with the theme of the entire new testament of ‘Kingdom of God’. This completes the story from start to finish, Genesis to Revelation, Alpha to Omega.

Something to think about, or study further don’t you think!

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What does Sabbath mean?

Did we really understand what the original concept of sabbath in Genesis 1 really was? It is hard to follow a storyline of the bible if we get off on the wrong foot!

Here is a new look at what God meant as “Sabbath”. check it out.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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