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Don’t subtract, add!

I had a aha moment the other day, that changed the way that I took on life.

If you haven’t seen this video from the Bible Project called “Heaven and Earth”, you must watch it to see my context of the way I do life. To see it go to this https://youtu.be/Zy2AQlK6C5k

The understanding of Heaven and earth is the first thing that we need to understand(very,very important), once we do, we will ‘see’ the scriptures open up to us.

But to my point, my solution to the problem that I saw was to be less ‘earthly’ to get to that ‘heavenly’ realm, it just seemed right, right! But it hit me that it made more sense to just be in the heavenly realm to be the way to God, after all, this is what we are striving for, and God told us to walk this way, follow me.

So don’t subtract the earthly things, but add the Heavenly things!

Love God with all your heart, Love others! How simple is that!

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