Having worked in the retail world for most of my life, I have always watched and listened to the people that I have interacted with. I have noticed a trend that is not so becoming to the world of christianity.

You would think that I would see or hear that quote christianity example of life that exonerates Christ’s life, or could it be that those said ‘christians’ are only christians when they are in that little/large building only? But the trend in my case is that there is very little example of that ‘life’ of Christ being shown in or to the world. Why is that?

My take on this might surprise you. Let me set the parameters on my answer so that we understand where it is coming from. One, the answer is only based for the United States of America, this sounds funny saying it for the answer, but this is apart of the problem of christianity in the U.S.. What we do in america is considered the gold standard in the world for everything, including religion, christianity, and God. But we are not, let me say it again, we are not!!!!!!

Christianity in america has gone over to the ‘dark side’ to just fit in, or to bring the ‘show’ to everyone even the christian. This is not how it works. We are to be different, to stand out, to be apart of God and his creation. The so called ‘church’ is I’m afraid along ways from what God said it would be, and it is my belief that it will be at least two more generations before we see a definite difference in the ‘church’. (This is another story)

My hope is that we will change or should I say renew our minds in the Lord (Romans 12.2) , til that time the church has alot to change in its growing into the light of the world.

The two commandments that Jesus quotes in the new testament in Mark 12.30-31 as the ultimate concise life of Christ is nowhere to be seen in america as a shining light, but rather it is a dark life just as everyone else is in.

I do see a small flicker of light that will be shining brighter in the years to come, I believe, because the old, and inaccurate understanding of God’s people’s vocation is dissipating, and is being revealed to all that we are a people of God, who will be Holy, upright and be the gardner of God’s creation as we were first to be.


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