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The bible’s storyline is……..

This seems to be an issue with the bible reading people. The readers are well aware of all the multiple stories that in the scriptures but there is no understanding of the overall theme or as I say “Eternal Purpose” of God.

I have always claimed you have to start at the beginning with everything. It is not anything different with the scriptures. Genesis 1-2 is crucial to knowing the details of ‘heaven and earth’ as God creation. It is also important that we look past the words of the scriptures and see the ‘forest’,in this case it would be a very large forest! lol.

The ‘forest’ that we have to look at is ‘what’ is ‘heaven’ and what is ‘earth’? What do they represent? and why?

If we first look at ‘heaven’, we must realize that God is ‘of’ it and resides in this realm. It is holy, righteous and Godly. The creator of all is in everything, because He is everything. This ‘heaven’ is the paradigm of all existence being God indwelt. God is God. This realm is the existence of God in all it’s worth.

This realm of ‘heaven’ is what God desires for his creation, he gave them life in many ways to experience on his creation of ‘earth’. It was to be two spheres together overlapping each other so as to become one. (This is latter said in the scriptures with adam and eve, with the same kind of life giving result).

Earth being God’s creation for mankind to be his home, was ‘life’ to the extreme. It was what no one could imagine, let alone describe with a million words. God was the creator,designer and best of all, the host of the wonderful garden. This earth was home.

God’s design was incorporating two realms together, heaven and earth. God and man. Creator and created. Designer and designee. Man and woman. It is illustrated many ways throughout the scriptures to tell and show us that this is the example of completeness. Two halves, together made whole.

It is now that the one, man has seen to split with the heavens and God, to be free from the creator, and to be an independent creation and not be associated with God, its creation. The realms have now separated and mankind is running on its own. God, now disappointed, has not left his creation but is keeping his eye on them to bring them back into the realm of God and man.

God does this when he ‘brings out'(connotation of the exile) abraham of Ur to bring his people out of this miry clay back to ‘heaven’. God’s eternal purpose is still to have the creator and creation in what is supposed to be a intertwined life of God and man.

This storyline is ‘not used in for the most christianity’s dogma but the one of ‘for all of mankind has sinned, and must confess their individual sins and come to the Lord’. We must relook at this dogma, with the intent of finding proof that this was the message to the Israelites as God was dealing with them. Was this the message in the new testament? Jesus’s message was bold and to the point, that God’s kingdom was at hand, and that it will come to its fullness in time.

We must as christianity relook at the scriptures at to what the ‘eternal purpose’ is in God’s word!


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Genesis 1.1

Image result for image of the world from the jewish perspective

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.(NASB)

This is a very basic statement from God, straight to the point.

From the start of time, God only created two things, heavens and the earth. This statement tells us alot of things, if we look deep into God’s purpose or identity. From the start God’s intention from his creation is involving two things.

Let’s look at them, one at a time and let’s start with “heavens”, Let’s remember that to know what this means we have to be in the moment of the reality of man and how he perceived the partickilers of man’s world. The depiction of the world is seen in the picture above in what the ‘world’ was. This is where we have to start with, given what man was given for information, this was a very good depiction of his surroundings.

Heavens. What is it? Where is it? Why? Now our analogy is pre-adam and eve. So, what is the depiction of where the ‘heavens’ are, far away, way up there, even further than the things that we can see, past the sun, moon and the stars. It is separate from the reality of the ‘known’ world, because there is no words or description of what it is . But we know one thing, this is where God is, and lives. His abode was to say the least, was far, far away from his creation.

God’s initial design was for his abode to be above his creation and not to be active in the daily activity of it’s running. He was to be a spectator in his creation once he created it. Or was it.

He created the second thing which was the ‘earth’. This is where the fulfillment of God’s purpose is placed with all the characters are to play out his plan. The character is adam/eve, making them an corporate identity of God’s bride(a analogy of God’s complete and perfect creation) in his story.

The location of the storyline is key to this story because this is where and how everything partakes in the long journey of his adam/eve character. Earth, being the home to where this story is acted out is key to the rest of the story over centuries of time.

God’s purpose has been created, in his heaven and earth, we don’t know what interaction between the two yet, but we will shortly in the storyline. In the rest of this chapter and the next one we will see the God’s purpose in the two creations and how they will interact with each other.

This is maybe the one key verse that some can say that has just flown over our heads that we fail to understand in our theology of God. In fact it goes even further into the first two chapters of Genesis, that we have not understood in God’s eternal purpose for Adam(mankind).

What we find out later in the chapter 3 that God moves or incorporates His world in with his creation of the earth and changes his place of citizenship to be with his creation. It is this that we have to carry forward thru the rest of the story that we are told, to really get the true real story. What we see in Revelation 21-22 is the same story in completion and reality. This is what we should be copying in our lifestyle to be the next to last piece in the story of God’s eternal purpose!

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