Genesis 1.1

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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.(NASB)

This is a very basic statement from God, straight to the point.

From the start of time, God only created two things, heavens and the earth. This statement tells us alot of things, if we look deep into God’s purpose or identity. From the start God’s intention from his creation is involving two things.

Let’s look at them, one at a time and let’s start with “heavens”, Let’s remember that to know what this means we have to be in the moment of the reality of man and how he perceived the partickilers of man’s world. The depiction of the world is seen in the picture above in what the ‘world’ was. This is where we have to start with, given what man was given for information, this was a very good depiction of his surroundings.

Heavens. What is it? Where is it? Why? Now our analogy is pre-adam and eve. So, what is the depiction of where the ‘heavens’ are, far away, way up there, even further than the things that we can see, past the sun, moon and the stars. It is separate from the reality of the ‘known’ world, because there is no words or description of what it is . But we know one thing, this is where God is, and lives. His abode was to say the least, was far, far away from his creation.

God’s initial design was for his abode to be above his creation and not to be active in the daily activity of it’s running. He was to be a spectator in his creation once he created it. Or was it.

He created the second thing which was the ‘earth’. This is where the fulfillment of God’s purpose is placed with all the characters are to play out his plan. The character is adam/eve, making them an corporate identity of God’s bride(a analogy of God’s complete and perfect creation) in his story.

The location of the storyline is key to this story because this is where and how everything partakes in the long journey of his adam/eve character. Earth, being the home to where this story is acted out is key to the rest of the story over centuries of time.

God’s purpose has been created, in his heaven and earth, we don’t know what interaction between the two yet, but we will shortly in the storyline. In the rest of this chapter and the next one we will see the God’s purpose in the two creations and how they will interact with each other.

This is maybe the one key verse that some can say that has just flown over our heads that we fail to understand in our theology of God. In fact it goes even further into the first two chapters of Genesis, that we have not understood in God’s eternal purpose for Adam(mankind).

What we find out later in the chapter 3 that God moves or incorporates His world in with his creation of the earth and changes his place of citizenship to be with his creation. It is this that we have to carry forward thru the rest of the story that we are told, to really get the true real story. What we see in Revelation 21-22 is the same story in completion and reality. This is what we should be copying in our lifestyle to be the next to last piece in the story of God’s eternal purpose!


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