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New covenant

I see three instances in the scriptures that show a covenant with God’s people, with the first one not realized at all, and the third one reverting back to the first. The second is the one that is always remembered.

Say what? Let me point out that this is not talking about the usual covenants with certain people that God used throughout the bible to use as a benchmark for his people but an underlying covenant that God uses for us to use as His eternal purpose.

God, without saying a thing, set the stage on how and why He designed the world for his people. The garden of Eden was the world in which man was created for, all the dynamics were set, the world was man’s to enjoy and to enjoy with the Creator, God. This was the bond, or covenant that God had designed and created for man and himself. It was an eternal purpose.

The second is the most obvious one, with Abraham it was a big deal, it was a very pronounced ordeal with God having Abraham come to his abode to talk to him about a covenant between His people and Him. The top of Mt. Sinai being God’s abode, and the intersection of man’s world being the physical location of the top of the mountain itself. This was the only identity of God’s relationship with his creation at a very precise location and spot.( as opposed to the whole of the earth, in the Garden of Eden) This is what it became because of the selfishness of man to want to rule God’s world. God distanced himself from his creation, and let him run his course to let him exasperate himself to his own ways, to no avail.

Mankind has continued this journey over the centuries to rule this world, with many turmoils and heartaches, which we are always saying that we can do it better, thru different plans, different programs and even different paradigms. (does this sound very familiar? your church, the church.) The world’s ways have bled over to the institutional church for their excuses for failure on why we can’t run the world or be the church. Matthew 16:18.

The covenant, which is said in a less traditional way by telling us to be a new creation, which by reasoning we have to revert to the original creation’s format of God and man living intertwined with each other in their home. What we can also deduce is that in this creation, God has created a world which contains a surprising four things. God,Holy Spirit,Mankind, and Jesus.

Another, aha moment. God being the creator of course is represented, with the Holy Spirit being there with the mention in the very first verses,mankind(adam and eve) and of course, Jesus. Jesus is represented thru Himself and man thru the woman(eve,and the second eve, the church). This is something that we fail to see in the whole picture of God’s storyline.

What is absent in is picture of the beginning of God’s world, is a vision statement(something we of the “church”, think we must have) God’s intention was just ‘to be’, to be with his creation, it was a one in one experience. God in us, us in God. If we can understand this concept we can see the design of God’s people that He wants. We have to ‘see’ this, because you see God could of made all of mankind together, all millions at the sametime and we would associate this as ‘us’ and being the important part of the picture, the millions being the catalyst for being the focus of God’s world. But it isn’t, it is the ‘man ‘being the image of himself, not the comradery of millions of people together. It is the meeting of God and man, not man and man.

This is a paradigm that we must change. It is not biblical.


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