Is the ‘church’ preaching from the old covenant?

I read alot of blogs,articles, and commentary of said written articles, and I always find them interesting to see where everyone’s perspective comes from, in fact I like reading the comments almost more than the blog or article itself. One can ‘see’ where the participants theology is or was founded. It is also beneficial to me to see this varied perspectives on things, because I will then start a conversation with different people that I agree or disagree with in the topics.

One of my latest finding of ‘listening’ to the the blog or just a question on something biblical, is that the references always seem to be coming from the old covenant scriptures, as if it is the manual for current christians to live by.

I find this disturbing to find alot of references on topics of today that go back to OT, as if it is a manual to live by. This is wrong in two different ways, one, the OT was the shadow of what was to be in the new covenant. The OC which was to be adhered to in a very ritualistic legal way because of the circumstance of the people. This covenant with God’s people was in the most sincerest form a legalistic way of life. Using the reasons mentioned before this was the catalyst for God to bring his son into the picture for his people. It was the word picture that needed to be shown to his people at the time to let them ‘see’ that ‘they’ could not ascertain the height of God. It was impossible. The Israelite’s, let alone the ‘gentiles’ could not ‘be’ what God has set before them. It was that mankind had taken the road that said “I can do it by myself”. But in a world that God had designed,created,and purposefully eternal life to his creation, man had no control or power.

The old covenant with a particular people and particular reason cannot be used just as a reference to something that is of interest in the new covenant. What is also missed in the commentaries of seeing in the new covenant is that the two parties of the covenant have not changed. It is between God and His people, albeit his people are now the whole world. This new covenant is now, back to the basics, Love your God, love everyone. This same sentiment is ironically the same one used in Genesis 1-2.

When I am studying things on my own I will sometimes try something differnent to maybe shed some light on the subject or just get clarification. I will take a sentence that someone says, or even what God has said and say the opposite of what is being mentioned. When God said in Genesis that you shall have no other god but me,(do you think that he knew this might be a problem down the road with them?) It was the number one thing that ‘His’ people had the problem with. So, God being the subject of the issue of worshiping Him, instead of someone or something else, this was the link in the chain that was missing. God was not in their picture. It was just man. Or man and his idol. This was the Sin. The actions from this ‘Sin’ would be considered ‘sins’. Worshiping the Creator, was the Eternal Purpose that God had always wanted.

For the Church to progress it needs to ‘see’ that the Kingdom is founded in the New Covenant.


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