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There’s change in the wind

God works in mysterious ways.

It’s taken a life changing event for everyone in the world. Now, let’s look at this statement. We might not look at a life changing event if it was just in one or two countries, because it could be considered just their way of life that has led to it. But it wasn’t.

It effected the whole world. It was meant to change the routine and belief in mankind. It has really worked, we are all fighting over what we should do, or don’t do. When we should do it and for how long? Should we be together or away from each other. Where can we go to be with God, our house is banned from us? Why?

Mankind is in turmoil. What should he do? Where should he go? Can I go back to normal life? Why should I have to change my lifestyle? My control of my life is gone.

God is working in the whole world. The whole world. Think about this. He is changing the way we do our life as we know it. He is interrupting our lifestyle, our routine, our life. Maybe, just maybe he is telling us that we are not in charge. He is in charge again. Not us.

God is pointing everything and everyone to himself. God is God and His ways are His ways. He is in control of his world and all it’s creations. God will do what He needs to do to bring it back to its original status.

Our world that we live in, is and will be changing from what we know it, it will likely not be the last thing that we see change in the world. One key thing that we must remember in this action of God, It is not just us that live in the United States but to the whole world. It is a sign that the whole world is corrupt in its ways. How we can, and must look at this, is to change our way of talking,thinking or viewing our issue, is to look at it as a we issue or us issue, not a I issue.

God looks at us as His one creation, an corporate creation, not millions of little creations. Man is God’s creation, his only concern. It’s his Life of saving the whole world to him.


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