Sorta ironic…

I work at a big lumber and garden center, and I have a obsession with watching people while I work.

I watch while people go in and out of the store with the new possesions of fixing their home or new addition or new landscape. I watch them go in and out of the store every year, doing the same thing as the year before, making it prettier and fancier to suit their taste this whim.

Never knowing when it will be just right, to please themselves or even the neighbors to whom they work so diligent for.Making their home into something that only God could build. Nothing they could do, could duplicate what God had done before. Their springtime ritual, has come with a price, because it happens again next year and the next year and again the next year.

You see, it never ends.

But it occurred to me, It’s that garden thing!

It’s that wanting to have that perfect garden to which we had a long,long,long time ago. The one where we were surrounded by all of nature that God put around us to walk daily with thru the green and leafy foliage with the roses and lilics and the smell of newness in the garden. It was all for us, God and his love of his life, His Bride.

We know that we are missing something, we are craving it, there is a hole in our hearts where the past was seeking us. The past will be our future. It says so in Revelation 21 and 22.


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