In the beginning,again.

I have blogged on this topic before in this forum to state my case of the ‘Eternal Purpose’.

King, Kingdom, Man.

These are the ingredients of creation that God uses in his beginning story

This is the picture that God has brushed upon His magnificent canvas of the world to view.

Why is this subject important?

This paradigm is the one that has been overlooked or just not realized in reading the scriptures. It is whole story of the Israelites storyline of existence as a people chosen by God to lead the nations away from Idolatry, as were the jewish people were participating in also. This fact that Israel had succumbed to the same offense as the rest of the world, now includes them in the same boat to the problem. This is main point to see, the Jewish people were to be different, set up by God to do things in the world different. One God, a strict way of living(to keep them from being apart of the world’s ways), and to eat of the Jewish ways.

Keep in mind as we talk about this in that what has happened with the so called ‘church’ and christianity has made their bed with.

The Israelite’s(the chosen ones) living in their promised land had been pushed out of their land to go live in the land of Egypt to be in the hands of pharaoh and his whip. It is here that we see God’s people being put to the test of their hope and patience for God to take care of them. It is their belief that God is still their God and He will get them out of this slavery. (This word is key to understanding the story) It is Mankind that is now also in this paradigm, of slavery, that it actually doesn’t know it is in.

It is during this time that God show’s his power and authority with Pharaoh and with Israel, but Israel and Pharaoh are both blind to it. It is not until ten plagues are used against the nation of Egypt that it relents into giving the freedom to the Israelite’s to go be with their God in the land that he had set aside for them.

It is then that the pharaoh realizes that he must still get them back into his fold, he then sees God is in control of everything and is drowned in the water of the Red Sea. Israel is also still in denial of the God of creation, when they do not see the power of God and control of the world that he has. God’s power over all the things that He has created including them. God’s journey with his people back to the promised land is still a trying time for them in their belief that God is in control with everything, including them. They are filled with unbelief that God can and will take care of them during this journey back to the land. Food and water, is their desire, will they get it and where. God is the provider. But they don’t seem to believe in God’s power or who He is.

God’s ‘people’ by definition has changed since this story, but it has increased exponentially by being of the whole world, which was the original desire in the beginning anyway.

It is now that we ‘see’ this story as the world as a whole being trapped in this same storyline as the Israelite’s. We are living in this world as we were still trapped in the bondage of the Pharaoh(slavery).


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