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Where are your priorities?

(This blog was written in 2011)

It’s amazing! Watching nature, watching people, or watching little kids, the different things that are important to those groups.

Watching or listening to people telling about their week on what they have done through out their days of accomplishments or entertainment for them is very telling about ourselves and our society.

We have to be entertained 24/7!! Why I say? I believe that it is our nature to fulfill our desires and our wants for this.

If we cannot realize this first, then we will never break the pattern. I know people now that have things planned for every nite of the week to keep them busy. Now, first off the problem with this is we are not promised anything except today if even that. God’s desire is for us to realize that today is the most important day(in Him,with Him,desiring Him).

But secondly, Is it all about us? Why are we  concerned with our body’s being busy, when God has said to rest in Him? God’s heart for us is to be with Him in body(church),Spirit(Christ) and mind(God).

I really believe that we have duped in our teachings or our traditions that we are to do, rather than rest.

I challenge everyone to look at your priorities and see what your intentions of doing them are really for. Pause in your daily life and search God for His direction in your life.

Let go and Let God!!


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Everyone in the world, is in this game. Not one people,not one race, not one country, not one person but EVERYONE is having to reset their lives,work,play and routine’s to survive this time of turmoil. But why everyone?

Not unless their was a world war,which we have had two of those, their has not been anything that has affected the whole entire world? What has been the effect that the whole world during the times of the world wars? How did nations react? How did they decide which side to take? Who was right, who was wrong.

What was the deeper issue in all these wars? It could be a the basic moral issue that is at stake. Good vs Evil.

Wars are always fought over sometimes the most menial things,and sometimes over something big such as wanting more territory because of capturing more slaves or property of the country. It is sometimes just the bare issue such as evil confronting good. Their has been a plethora of these over the centuries with multiple kingdoms or groups of people wanting to expand their influence.

When, if your memory serves you right, was there ‘good’ influencing bad? What would it look like? Who would be doing it? and Why?

Many views have been shared when asked why ‘2020’ has been what it has been, but after all is said and done, their is underlying issue being unwrapped to us. It is ‘Who is the world’s authority, who do we give our allegiance to?

Now we know in whom we give our allegiance to for over two thousand years, their have been many, and they have changed over the years, but it is usually the country in which we live in. It is in this country that we have melded our lives to the government that was created and over the years has ruled over their people. Depending on this authority, we have decided to live there or move to one that we were comfortable with.

We have given the authority to a infallible man to lead us to a comfortable live in this humanity of this world. And yet we have problems all over the world on trying to justify our leaders as the ‘one’ that will be the one that will keep us comfortable or to extreme of living in luxury. But it fails. Everytime.

Just maybe. That this year of 2020 is a reimaging of what our lives and our world is supposed to be like. If we could only have an example of this ‘reset’ or Holy Life? Garden of Eden, is the perfect example or model of what it would look like. The creator and his creation,together, living side by side in a garden of ‘life'(opposite of death, that we live in now), God is getting our attention this year on who is, as always was in charge.

Let’s let him be our King, Savior, and Lord!!

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