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It will always be. You’re going to have both, and the in-between.

I am kinda a historical nerd, in that what I write about I have had to research history way back into the 2nd century BC to find things about my studies. Now, seeing that there was no major proclamation that ‘WE’ did it!! By anyone that they achieved the magical institution of equalness in the society’s measurement of happiness in the papers or in the media, then I will proclaim here and now that, in the desires of the world that have had a plethora of issues, none have worried about this issue, until now.

You see, there seems to be this on the surface tension that Everyone needs to be ‘equal’ in every way and form. Especially money. (there is a bible verse about this I believe, but that is another blog) I will not write about this in the usual way that people talk about, but in a different way.

Just as in my 2nd paragraph mentions that in four centuries of existence in the world, their has not been a stampeding of urgency of pushing this agenda to a group,country,society or the world. It’s never been mentioned. period.

What I do want to bring up into discussion is in the bible that in Deuteronomy 15.11 it says “For the poor will not cease to exist in the land; therefore I am commanding you, saying, ‘You shall fully open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.‘ And in 1 Samuel 2.8 it says

1 Samuel 2.7“The LORD makes poor and rich;
He humbles, He also exalts.

Unchecked Copy Box 1Sa 2:8 “He raises the poor from the dust,
He lifts the needy from the garbage heap
To seat them with nobles,
And He gives them a seat of honor as an inheritance;
For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S,
And He set the world on them.

Now it is this thought that should and could radiate from this discussion of Poor and Rich. It is thought that There will ‘always’ be poor and rich, it doesn’t matter what ‘system’ you are in, that will cause this to happen. The world works this way for a reason, it is caused by ‘mankind’ which has a ‘virus’ for a long long time ago, from this man called Adam. It is and was a seed of turmoil for mankind.

It will not change until the vaccine for this virus is used in the cure for mankind, Jesus Christ thru God the God of all in all becomes the norm. The norm will look like man giving to his neighbor clothes,food, shelter,and love no matter what he has himself. It is the not the ‘everyone for themselves in this world‘, but that we are one in this world together.

I believe that we have made a wrong turn in life as a ‘PEOPLE’ of this world, in that we have gone down this road of ‘individuality,and ME’ for way to long, it has screwed up life as the individual and all those around them. It is our duty to understand that in God’s Kingdom it is all about US, ALL of US, that need to be concerned about. God’s love for us(ALL) is for us as christians here in this kingdom of Earth, that we see that we will need to start changing into the New and Holy realm of the New Kingdom that God has prepared us for. God is All in All!!


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