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To reiterate it.

I have told multiple people and few mentions in my blogs about the four chapters in the bible that are without SIN as a piece of trivia. In the narrative of God in the bible, there are only four chapters that are not succumb to the paradigm of sin in the world.

It is in this little piece of trivia that seems to have been just been glossed over in our theology in christianity. It is just a small detail, to get the story going, and to end things. Genesis 1,2 and Revelation 21,22 are the only places in the bible that it is free from the concept of ‘sin’. It is because of this that it has been the “oh, well it had to have the beginning of it started out right”, but it is the most important thing of any story being told then let alone now for any story being told. It sets the stage for what is to begin the story, it is the foundation, bedrock, reality of the goal of the storyteller.

Why has these two chapters ever been pounded into all our lives thru the generation of our families? Why? If we were to be taught these only four chapters of the bible, would we have missed anything?( I would really like to hear your opinion on this!)

Let me expound on this, so that we know what we are talking about. The beginning, Genesis 1 and 2 is the creation of the universe(Kingdom of God), the placement of everything that is what we know of today in our world, from planets,stars, moons,plants,trees,flowers. Then came His everlasting image that He created to be the caretaker or gardener of the universe to keep it as ‘ours’. This ‘picture’ of God’s desire for his creation to be a representative of himself, and for his creation to be his image to be a ‘oneness’ in the ‘wholeness’ of creation’. God’s creation of man was his sole purpose in having communion with him. This is what is called the ‘The Eternal Purpose’ of God.

This was the initiation of the purpose. It is in the storyline of Revelation of chapters 21 and 22 that tells of this finalization of his purpose being realized. It is and always been know to be finalized to be done in God’s time and way.

So, Let’s go back to the storyline in Genesis 1 and 2 to realize our vocation was and is to be and just believe and ‘See’ it and know that God is welcoming all of us into this reality of all men to have fellowship with Him in His Kingdom! Revelation 21 and 22 is coming and we want to be seamlessly want to go into this kingdom of God!!


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