Times R A changing!

Christianity is going thru a metamorphosis If you haven’t heard.

I want to address the fact that why you haven’t heard anything, as far as the topic, not the subject of what is changing.

To many times everybody is caught up in their world, and they stay in it. They dare to adventure outside this bubble, they call their world. They keep their eyes and ears pinned to sights and sounds of this captive world. It is the uneasy thought of change, the hassle of proving one’s rightness, the need to explore deeper into the foundation of life. Man’s desire of being a follower into what ever catches his fancy. It is that failure to see that man’s truly desire to seek what their creator has laid out for them.

This bubble that ‘some’ christians seem to be in, is because of this ‘oh-hum’,this is all I’ve known, my parents did it this way, I’m to lazy to verify things of what I believe, the bible says it to be this way. These things that are said for the reason to stay in this ‘bubble’ of not wanting to ‘change’ or ‘seek’ truth instead of assuming the same ole same tradition.

God’s people must be bold and transparent to the world that they are to be “God’s people”, His body, His Holy Nation, and most importantly ‘His Creation’.

God has chosen His People. He chose them in Genesis. Adam and Eve He did. He chose them. In Plural form. In uniqueness, In firstness, in marriage, in Holiness, in Eternal Purpose. God’s desire was man and to flourish. What God puts together, no man can separate it. (paraphrased) The complete and whole body will be united in the restoration of the ‘New Creation’ in the future.

Expanding our knowledge in God or the scriptures will never be complete but the seeking God’s Eternal Purpose for His Creation will always be our Goal.


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