Reading the fine print

(I wrote this on facebook this morning on the spur of the moment, tell me what you think!)

There something that is missed when we talk about the ‘Sabbath’ in our institutions and our theology. If you notice, we are taking the foundation of ‘Sabbath’ understanding from the example of the jewish ways that God set up for them. For one thing this was for only them, it was temporary and was not the true example of what ‘Sabbath’ was. We so hurriedly read genesis 1-2 as just the beginning of time that God created. But this is why we MUST and I say MUST slow down and understand the scriptures rightly. When God describes each day that He created by describing what He made and then saying It was good. Then also saying it was evening then day.(Evening, is always said first, because this is what the world was first-Dark(evil,chaos)) This is also why the Jewish nation started with the night first then the day in their time keeping. This is done for the first six days of creation, but it changed for the seventh day,. It says that God had completed His kingdom and He was finished—- and it was day.! Do you see what God did? He changed the kingdom into a Forever Kingdom for Adam and Eve. This was by design of God to show them that this reality of Creation was the Eternal Purpose. This was the blueprint of God all along. Sabbath(worshipping of God) was instituted in the garden. This is not a one day event! It is to be a forever eternal purpose! This is our model, not that of the Jewish model. But guess what! there’s more! Revelation 21-22 Tells us that WE ALL will be soon be in this blueprint in the coming days. It is the same thing said that this is what it will be like when God’s kingdom is upon us. So let’s start our new found Daily Worship of Him and get to that last scenario of Revelation 21-22! check out more things like this on my blog


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