Spiritual Paradigm

The law was of a fleshly realm for mankind. Two things on this. It was designed for a mankind in the flesh. Mankind was human. This is the world that He lived in, it could be no other way, for him to exist, or do. It was an attempt to do right by laws for man, how ever he perceive them to be, good or bad. God made them actually pretty simple and dirext to the point.

It is in this paradigm that mankind was to live and flourish, only to follow those ten laws. Why then, were there problems? Were the ten laws to hard to follow, to many, or just not for man? What was going to be man’s laws if he didn’t follow God’s laws? Why would man not follow the Creator’s laws, considering He created everything in it and knew how creation should work together? But it was man’s misunderstanding that without Man to follow thru with his part of being the facilitator of all things created, it wasn’t going to work. All things work for the glory of the Lord.

This was the scenario of human paradigm. But it is the New Paradigm that we are in, that is different in all ways. This is because we are not in the paradigm of man, or humans. We are “in Christ”, as it says in Romans 8.2 “For the law of the Spirit of life ‘in Christ’ Jesus made me free from the law of Sin and of Death. Being ‘In Christ’ makes us different than what we were before,flesh. God’s design for us was ‘to be different’ in the world, but it was not attainable thru the ‘law’.

We were ‘flesh’.

We are now, in the ‘Spiritual Paradigm’. It is of God and His realm. To ‘know’ what this Paradigm means or is, is to ‘know’ God. Who He is, What He is,Why He is what He is. God is Eternal. God’s world is His. Not ours. He created it long time ago in the Garden of Eden, which man was not satisfied with God’s way and said ‘I’ can do better. (We know how that went, right)

We first need to understand Genesis 1-2. Understand chapter 3, on why we went down the wrong road. Compare Genesis 1-2 with Revelation 21-22 to see the picture in both of these illustrations and see that we ‘will’ get back there,soon!

Let’s go back to the first of the discussion that we talked about the ‘law’. The Law that we talk about can be the actual ten words that God gave Moses on Mt. Sinai for the nation of Israel, for which we seemed to have continued this ‘paradigm’ of doing ‘works’ to satisfy God to be righteous. Even in this ‘New Covenant’ that we as christians seem to say that we are ‘in’, we still seem to be following the ways of the old covenant and its ‘laws’.

Just think on this without condemning the statement. Print out the Ten Commandments on a piece of paper(or write them down), Now go thru this list of ‘laws’ are we ‘trying’ to do in our personal or your corporate life (church,synagogue,Mass),Rules,sacraments, bylaws, traditions, institutions, remembrances, and any other thing that would be an institutional regulation. Do any of these fit into the New Covenant or Spiritual Paradigm?

It is actually a hindrance to us by doing any of these to actually ‘Be in Christ’! We cannot serve two masters!

We are now ‘IN CHRIST’, we should be ‘being’ different, not as man did before. We should be proclaiming from the rooftops, that we are “in Christ”, and the ‘world’ cannot beat us, God will be Triumphant in the end! It is God working thru us that will establish his Kingdom. Not any other way!

Romans 15.29 “And I know that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fulness of the blessing of Christ”


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