Time to come together!

God’s people must gather together for alot of reasons. Let’s name them.

One of my biggest pet peeve is the lack of knowledge of the scriptures by christians. God’s word is sacred, it is also wisdom. If God’s people do not even read it, til sunday is just wrong, let alone irrelevant to God to not gain knowledge from it and understand God’s eternal purpose.

Another thing that is related to this is the lack of need for christians to continue to search the word for answers. Coming together as a small group to read and discuss and come together as one. This is the glue that keeps us all together as one.

Corporate, The Body of Christ. The mindset of christians Must, I mean Must ‘see’ this as what God wants. God is gathering all His People together to create His Kingdom in his name. This is not about the ‘individualism’ that we have grown up with in our groups. It is about the ‘Bride’ of Christ being ready to come and bring Her to the Great Feast of the Heavenly Kingdom. Hallelujah!!

Neighbor, let us come together and unite ourselves to the Creator God, and realize that He is making all things New, In His Kingdom. Man has failed, is failing(look outside,lol) Only God the King and High Priest will save us all!!


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