It’s Context

Contextthe situation in which something happens : the group of conditions that exist where and when something happens.

It is this concept that has gotten lost in our understanding of reading the words of the scriptures of God. God has laid out a narrative of God’s creation with the entente of ‘seeing’ his design of life in our world and His. It was laid out in front of us as tho we were there in person, hovering above all the journeys of our forefathers, our societies, our heritage.

Our journey, our lives are influenced by everyone, everything around us, even today. It is this dominion that makes us who we are. It tells a story of ourselves, for the generation after us and beyond. It tells a story that includes everything that we touched, in our small world or a large world. With the advent of the internet most people are connected to someone across the globe. Our lives are changed on a whim with anything that crosses our path, whether it be good or bad. But it is the correction that what makes a life in what it is.

The bible is the same way, a story of all the lives involved in the life and times of God. A story entwined with stories within stories, intrigued, love, hatred, family, nation, kings, Judges, Prophets, turmoil, laws, sin, and resurrection. When we listen or read about a story that someone is sharing with us, the circumstances around the story are key to knowing the why’s, the What’s,the How’s, and the Who’s. The ‘bible was created for us, but not to us.’ The bible was the story of Israel, the people, the time, and the trials and struggles of God’s people. It is in this that we will have to ‘see’ what God has for us.

Christianity and theology has only read in the black and white of the letters of the scriptures to understand God. God is in Himself. He is in His own Kingdom, His own Government, His own Will. God works different. He works in a Spiritual Kingdom, a Spiritual way. He works in parable’s. He does not work in a earthly way. Not man’s way.

The understanding of God’s way is not unreachable. We know this because of the gospel’s message in the first century with the disciples. This comes about by faith. Faith in God and His Son. The catalyst of God’s Kingdom is the indwelling of His people in His Spirit.

The ‘Ekklesia’ is key to all this coming about to the world. It has to share the ‘right good news’, It must tell the world that “God is King” now, and will be fully instated in God’s time. Our perception of what the Ekklesia is to be has been tainted, mis-understood. This has to be corrected for it to be God’s will. Man’s way is not God’s way. Man must quit doing ‘His way’ and do God’s will.

This is why God’s ‘context’ is key to following God’s will. We must dig down much deeper in context of the scriptures to see God’s will. The scriptures are our context to God’s will and storyline. What must happen is to relook at the ‘message’ that God has laid out for us. The paradigm is wrong. It must be changed to God’s way, not ours. Including everything that is man made. Everything.

Let us start from the first. Genesis. It is where everything started, so it is the way that things were supposed to be. It was a Kingdom in itself. It was called ‘The Garden of Eden’, God’s Kingdom. It was to be made for man to cherish and to be the gardener of its land. This would seem to be the blueprint of God. Set up a kingdom, put his people in it and be their God. This seems to be God’s will.

We must see this and realize that man has gone their own way, and tried to set up their own kingdom in the structures of church’s, pastor’s and laity. Has mankind influenced the christian into their own ways? So it seems.


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