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Sin-Idolatry,Sins-Results from Idolatry

Knowing where to start from is usually the best place to go. Identifying what you are up against in any situation is always best.

Putting labels on things are good, but sometimes we need to go deeper and see what things are what they really are. We need to define sin. What is it?

When God was talking to Adam and Eve and giving them the tour of the Garden and the do’s and don’t’s. It was then that Adam was given a ‘choice’ of ‘Life’ and the ‘knowledge of good and evil’. Now if it was me, why would anyone choose anything but life. But the real story is the either or thing. Adam and Eve chose for themselves to be kings(Idol) of their own domain, and take the chance of how things would turn out. This is the definition of Idolatry. Choosing a ‘substitute’ object other than God is the definition of Idolatry. It would be the same as creating an object out of wood or stone, to worship as ‘their’ god. They were substituting God with themselves. This was ‘the Sin’.

Anything that comes from the acting out of this ‘Sin’, is considered sins or wrongdoings. This is our condition that we are in as of today and the past.

Luke 1:77 To give to His people the knowledge of salvation
By the forgiveness of their sins,… God is telling us that our ‘actions’ from ‘Sin’ are being forgiven. This is first step from God in clearing the road of Sin and Sins from the world. God gives mankind a ‘second’ or ‘New’ Creation to begin again in the realm of “Life” as God had intended.

Just as the first step, God would take care of the second thing,too. Jesus would change things on the first one too. Jesus would soon announce that the death and resurrection of Life. This is the ‘action’ that God took to cancel out the death of Sin and it’s action. Jesus Christ being the ‘Messiah’ was ‘saving’ mankind from ‘Sin’ by ‘being’ the example of ‘New Creation’ as being Holy.

Rom 12:2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

This verse is the next step in our journey of ‘being in the will of God’, It is the ‘changing’ of our mind to secure this transformation. It is not by the will of our flesh, but of the spirit of God that now guides us in our live to attain the ‘Tree of Life’.


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It’s all about the “Word”

I am astounded on how much I learn on a daily basis of the bible. Although I am retired for the last year, I have continued my thirst for the word. My thirst before retirement was as just as thirsty when I was a working man in the world.

It is that thirst that drives me each day that I wake up to drink all I can. But is there anyone else out there the same way as I, that cannot sleep because they are thinking why did God do this to the people of Israel, or why Paul confronted Peter in Antioch? It’s that desire to ‘know’ God. Period. Either God doesn’t want me to sleep or I have a serious problem of thinking to much! Or it could be both?

God and or God’s word should be on our minds constantly as it says in the scriptures with the “pray without ceasing”, meaning that we should be talking to God all thru the day with our creator and author. It is this mindset that will get christianity on its way of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ Him as He really is. God’s desire is one that started from the beginning of his desire of his creation and that mankind would be walking in His Garden again with Him. Walking and talking, living with your creator, what more could anyone ask for?

I was once asked how long should it take to ‘read’ the bible? I was referencing the aspect of most church’s that push the infamous one year or two year plan of reading the bible, when I suggest that I believe that it would probably take 50 years to actually ‘read’ it in the way that it should be understood. It is that proverbial saying that we do when we read a verse and say “I didn’t see that before”! It is that reading and re-reading things that build upon itself to see the ‘real’ understanding of God’s wisdom.

Another insight that I would suggest to the very newcomer of literature of the bible, is to start at the beginning, just as you would with any novel. The bible is a narrative by God thru man to tell His story of his creation and the journey that they take together. It is the journey of God that starts us with the eternal purpose of His. It is LIFE and filled with abundance.

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On the mend

It has been a wild and crazy two months for me. One simple project of getting some pine cones from our gutters in the back yard by climbing an extension ladder and it not grabbing the decking material, making me slide down with the ladder onto the deck with my foot entangled inbetween a wrung on the ladder with my full weight pushing down on it. This has led me to have xrays,mri,and multiple visits to doctors and specialists to plan the course of action.

It seems the best course of action after all the tests, was to have surgery to repair some torn ligaments between the toes in the middle of my left foot. It was originally said to repair this was to replace the ligaments with bone from my heal, but it seems it to be more of a project when the dr. was operating on me looked closer. It seemed that there was two places where there needing to be more bracing of the bones and ligaments.

So I now have alot of metal in my foot for stability and the correct arch to walk with. But I fear that there just might not be a ‘original’ gate of walking when it is all said and done. I will take what is given me when it comes down the road, probably 3-4 weeks away. It is the healing process of a injury that seems to be the slowest of things to deal with. I have sorta planned with my convalescence of my down time with reading and writing, but this too seems slow in the timetable of healing.

Reading, especially reading the bible and all things pertaining to it, seem to want me to continue on with this endeavor or ‘searching’ God’s word and ‘knowing’ them in my heart. I am a avid ‘knowledge’ fan of God. I search and seek ‘all’ aspects of the words. I desire to truly know them in there right context that they were given more than two centuries ago.

My desire for this kind of ‘knowing’ the bible is not just for me but for all of God’s creatures. We are to ‘know’ him. There are some people that believe that it is only up to a certain kind of people are aloud to read or interpret these scriptures. I believe that this is wrong in so many ways. God talks to all of his creatures – great or small. He is there’s, and they are Him. God has spoke in a clear and intelligent voice to people and for people to write the words that He has spoken to them. God is all about the closeness of being with His people. God when Jesus dies on the cross is seen renting the veil in the temple, in changing the way that He will communicate to man, from the one man of the High Priest, to all of his people in the nations. He was to be omnipresent into the world. It would be like a swirling wind throughout the land that He was to be in and on everything.

I again, challenge you to continue the searching and desiring to ‘know’ God and his eternal purpose. The scriptures are the answer to this.

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Get out of the way, Christians!!!

I’m going on a rant.

Look at the world.

Look at the ‘church’.

They are all screwed up!

God’s saying to himself, You getting the hint yet?

Maybe I just seen the disconnect, when I started writing this. We are so messed up in the ‘church’ trying to do the things that we thought were right. When the answer is right in front of us!

I have over the last few years tried to quit using the word ‘church’, and use the word ‘body’ for all the reasons I have stated. Just maybe we have tried to be a ‘church’,an institutional church. which is wrong, but we should be ‘acting’ like a ‘BODY’, because we are connected to the HEAD,Jesus Christ. Plain and simple.

Their is not any connection between God and God’s people. Period. There is not ‘blood’ flowing from the body to the Messiah, God is sending signals all day long,day after day. But we are not on his frequency. We are on our own. We are running God’s plan, His kingdom, His desire, His Love, His Message.


We are still doing what Adam and Eve started. It is almost like we haven’t read the bible, or we just don’t want to do what God has in-store for us. But we can’t get out of God’s way. I don’t understand it. I really don’t. It’s like how do you not understand what God said to us thru his son,Jesus, ” I WILL BUILD MY BODY, AND I WILL BUILD IT ETERNALLY”.

Until we realize this and change our high horse ways of our thinking that we know better that God the designer and creator of his own world we will continue to all messed up. Let us be the conduit for God not the CPU for God. All of our institutions have tried to do the same thing as the world is doing. They can run the world! Look outside the window of the world and see how that is going! It is a mad,mad,mad world out there with no common sense, brains or ideal what needs to be done.

But it won’t change until we let go of our ideals,ways,churches,institutions,leaders,people. God has told us exactly what our position is supposed to stand at. We are a to be a beacon upon the world, on a hillside, shining our light of God. To be ‘only’ an IMAGE of God. That’s all, that’s all God needs. He is the designer of the world we live in. He knows the ins and outs, the exact speed and distance between the planets, He knows how he made you and me. He knows your name, how many hairs you have on your head. He knows our thoughts. He knows our desires.

The Holy Spirit is here for us, to work thru us to make His BODY!!!

So why don’t we let HIM do His Desire for Us, and make us His Image!!

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My mind is Racing

I am always reading and listening to things around me,analyzing and taking in things that I hear people say or do. My mind is racing.

But I love it. It probably keeps me out of trouble! LOL

I have said it before but I believe that I could do what I like doing 24/7 if I was capable of doing it. I love learning I guess. To bad it didn’t start in those early years of school! LOL

I love christian books,Theology books and all other books connected to the first two. I have always loved the pictures that you see in the magazines of these huge 2 or 3 story library’s of just books, or the pictures of someones library that all the walls are full of books. I also love pictures of some writer or theologian’s desk with all the books he is reading or using for references on a subject. I strive to have one of those desks with books, sticky’s,pens,notepads, and coffee cups on it! It’s only a dream, tho. I am getting there, so says my wife! It’s a mess! she says, I say no, it’s organized!

I am beginning to have more than one project at a time in the works it seems now. It can be worrisome or it can be found exhilarating all day long. My problem is I don’t have enough time! Can maybe we have 36/7 so I will have enough time? It is my drive when I get up to the end of day when I fall asleep, and sometimes I can’t go to sleep because I am trying to work something out in my mind that stops me from sleeping!

I have been doing this for over 15 yrs now,off and on, just not consistent as I have been the last two years. And it came to me one day that, that while I was doing something else around the house, I was thinking of an subject that I wanted to research more on to write about. I decided that it was then I really had found my ‘passion’ of life. I have more books to read in a year than one needs to have but at least I will be chugging along to finish reading them.

I recommend that you find your ‘Passion’ in life and just go for it. Life is so much easier when you do. More importantly I recommend that you find one that is useful to God, and your fellow man. This always, at least it should, make you feel good helping God’s neighbor. Let me know what you are doing for your ‘Passion’, we then can share our stories of good and bad days.

Is your mind racing?

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Hell and all the other names

A Study of the ‘other place’.

This excerpt is from the “The Studies in the Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament” by Kenneth S. Wuest. This is mainly for the understanding of the words themselves and how they are used.

Hell. There are three Greek words, each referring to a different place, all of which are translated by the on word hell, a fact that causes considerable confusion in the interpreting the passages where they occur. These words are geenna, haides, and tartaroo. The first comes into english in the word Gehenna, the second, in the word Hades, and the third, in the word Tartarus.

Geenna refers to the final abode of the wicked dead, called The Lake of Fire in the Revelation (20: 14,15). Where this word occurs, the translation should be hell. It is found in Mt. 5.22,29,30,,23.15,33. Mk 9.43,45,47. Lk 12.5,jas 3.6.

Haides refers to the temporary abode of the dead before the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus, the part reserved for the wicked dead, called haides (Lk. 16.23), the other for the righteous dead, call Abraham’s bosom (Lk 16.22), paradise (Lk. 23.43), haides (Acts 2.27,31) and the temporary abode of the wicked dead from those events until the Great White Throne judgment, the righteous dead going at once to be with the Lord (Phil. 1. 23. II Cor. 5.8) The word haides is from the Greek stem id which means “to see” and the Greek letter Alpha prefixed which make the composite word mean “not to see,” the noun meaning ” the unseen”. The word itself in its noun form refers to the unseen world made up of all moral intelligence’s not possessing a physical body. These would include the holy angels, the fall angels,m the demons, the wicked dead, and the righteous dead. As to the inhabitants in the unseen world, the holy angels are in heaven,the fallen angels in Tartarus, the wicked dead in Hades, the righteous dead in heaven, and the demons in the atmosphere of the earth and in the bottomless pit. All these are included in the unseen world. The context should decide as to whether the Greek word haides should be transliterated or translated. Where the context deals with departed human beings and their place of abode in the unseen world,it would seem that the word should transliterated, and specific name “Hades” be given that place. These places are Mt. 11.23,Lk. 1015,16.23, Acts 2.27,31. Rev. 6.8, 20.13,14. Where the context refers to the unseen world as a whole, the word should be translated, as for instance: Mt. 16.18, “the gates (councils) of the Unseen,” namely , the councils of Satan in the unseen world, shall not prevail against the church; or Rev. 1.18, “I have the keys of the Unseen and of death.” Our Lord controls the entire unseen world. *added verse here for a context to be reference-

Rev 12:9

And the great dragon was throwndown, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world–he was throwndown to the earth, and his angels were throwndown with him. (This would mean he controls only the ‘seen’ world of ours.)

Tartarosas is the word in II Pet. 2.4 “cast down to hell”. The fallen angels were sent to their temporary prison house, Tartares, until the Great White Throne judgement. Make a study of these place where the word “hell” occurs, in the light of the distinctive Greek word found in each place, and see how much better you understand these passages.

What needs to be said first, stay in context. Think like a Greek,talk like a Greek,be like a Greek. 1st Century human intellect was different than ours. If you were not a ‘believer’ in the “God of creation”, then you were a believer in the other gods. They each had their domain in the ‘Universe’ as the people perceived it to be. Remember there was at least 12 of these if not more. They were actually not sure of how they ‘all worked’ their magic in the world, just presumed it. It was all about things that ‘happen, they attributed that ‘the god’ did it either for good or evil on them personally, or as on their nation.

But when they died, there was not much description of it, or the circumstances of it. Did you just dissolve into the ground?,did a spirit or soul go with it, or did you go somewhere else? This is unknown to them, the dying sequence. This is also the part that they do not even know what to call it. So hence, it is called the ‘UNKNOWN WORLD’. This would be language that the greeks would use in the describing of death, they are ‘in the unknown world’ to them when they died. It is also not just in the language, but in the culture that institute’s it.

Now, if we take ourselves to scene of Jerusalem, where most of the verbiage is used to describe ‘hell’ we are now in a different world again, but not Greek. Every culture is different, language is different. So the usage of all this is key to understanding everything. It is also in this case of the Hebrew scene, the word for ‘hell’ was ‘sheol’, a dark and mysterious, murky place people go when they die, as in Psalm 18:”The cords of Sheol entangled me” There’s also mention of the “depths,” as in Psalm 30. “I will exalt you, Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths”;the “pit” as in Psalm 103: “The Lord….who redeems your life from the pit” and the grave, as Psalm 6: “Who praises you from the grave?”.

In the hebrew world there was not much significance of ‘death’ or burial and the ceremony behind it. Just a note on hebrew burial, it was the custom of burying the dead in caves for until their were only bones were left, then the bones were taken and put in a box for burial.

I will stop here with all this in just the context of the greek and hebrew words. I will next cover the direction of the texts that are used in all the examples of their scripture use.

It’s all about “LIFE”.

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Where do we go from here, oh Christian?

Up til about fifteen years ago I was in the institutional church, I have since taken it myself to drown myself into the living word of God.

I would only recommend this for only the highly ‘Hang on the word of God’ people because if you are one of these people that are only a sunday sound bit people to ‘live’ your life on, it won’t work. I’m sorry.

My revelation came years ago, when I really started to research particular subjects that were brought up in discussions with christian friends. I would first come home and start looking thru bible references, scriptures, commentaries, video’s, audio’s, YouTube subjects video, christian news, secular news, sermons-ones that I didn’t agree with and some that I did, and finally books, alot of books. As you can tell I am exhaustive in my research, now if this isn’t a sign of deep passion for truth and God, I don’t know what is. I am continuing this after 15 yrs + and still as hungry for the ‘WORD’ as ever. Oh Yeah, did I tell you that I am a PK, a Preachers Kid! This means that I have heard 18 yrs of 52 weeks of sermon a year for 18 yrs before I left for college. This is also not including the revivals, conventions, and all the extra special meetings we had for special events. I have heard alot of ‘Christianity’.

My result of all this had led me to a ‘New Picture’ of the Gospel and what it means to Christianity. Now, most of my friends are within the institutional church and are coming from their individualistic theology of the denomination.Although I do have some outside of the church confines as ‘the same’ beliefs’. I am not a pushy ‘evangelist'( I hate even using that word), but I do state my beliefs. As friends we talk about different themes and stories in the bible and there meanings, we will disagree, we will agree on things but we at least know of another view point that is ‘out there’ for us, if we want to, go and research even more about it. You see it is the hungry ones that will do that exact thing. As I have done, I go straight home and start research it in multiple chapters in the bible, books, video,audio and anything else I can get my hands on.

But where does that even get me, or anyone else by doing this? Just think of it this way, ‘at least your not a bump on a log’ for God. Your that frog that is always hopping for God, here, there, everywhere!! LOL

There has to be a conclusion of a ending to the storyline, someplace. And to what end? We are given a clue. Guess what! Guess where it is? Your right, at the end of the storyline, of and by the writer of the story!! God has all the answers, and has all the ways in which we are to do them.

God has (as does my blog title says the answer) the “ETERNAL PURPOSE. LIFE!!

Now if you were a new christian or even a doubter of God, I would always tell you to start at the beginning of God’s story. Genesis 1-2. Then Stop. Take a week or even a month and just think about these two chapters and listen to what it says. Then when you realize that it is God telling you, and all of mankind that God is wanting you to have “LIFE” and to have it abundantly in His Name. Then you can go on and go slowly into the story that prevails in a human controlled world and see what happens to it, all thru today’s headlines.

When you get to the end of the bible, you will come to the last two chapters of the story. It will tell you how God will and has put it back to rights(this is the phraseology that a author of mine puts it, I think it is the best way to explain it.

God tells us and shows us the final picture of his story and how it is going to be. God, His people, His Kingdom.

and this is where we will end up!

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Thinking about another blog….

I love reading. I love writing. But I also see the need to go deeper into the word of God.

So, Because I will sorta be sidelined to just sitting or very much physical exertion(I am having surgery on my foot next week and I will be healing from this and getting rehab after that) I have decided to prepare for another blog on my site to explore for everyone.

It will be a little more structured in what it talks about, and be the only thing that I blog about it in this blog. I will announce the new title or theme in the coming days. So, Stay tuned.

I will keep this one on ‘all things’ Christianity based writing. Let me know if you have any thing specific to write about on this one for me. For now, keep on believing!!

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The Enlightenment

I have mentioned this notion in a few of my blogs, the ‘enlightenment’ along with the invention of the printing press were two human ideals that literally changed the perspective of the bible. Today I want to talk about just the Enlightenment.

In his essay ‘What Is Enlightenment?’ (1784), the German philosopher Immanuel Kant summed up the era’s motto in the following terms: ‘Dare to know! Have courage to use your own reason!’

Statement’s like this were beginning to be heard all around europe in the 1600’s and 1700’s as opposed to the previous sentiment of ‘we are all here,together’. It is this that changed a plethora of things in the world including life as we know it, it changed the scientific world, the rulers of the nations, the philosophers, the mindset of all citizens, the one that probably didn’t realize that it was being changed was the world of religion.

This changed the focus of ‘life’ as we knew it. It was the individual who now could take control of his own life, by choosing what mattered to him in all aspects. But………… this was a caveat to the christian realm of theology and to also ‘see’ the narrative of God’s story. It took the ‘corporate’, ‘Body’, ‘People’ out of the equation of God’s story and changed it to Joe,john,sally,betty, jen,susy, doug,ken, george, debbi,jose,fredrick,troy,dan,martha,etc.

You wonder why this would change the story? It did. For reference, Read the Old testament. Find me where you see the names of the people in Israel, do you see any of them being called out individually as being outcast, or being thrown out of their tribe of Judea? The example that you will see is an individual as a leader(Christlike figure) such as David,Joshua,Moses, and Abraham as the representative of the Body of God.

This Shadow of the real thing has gotten lost in the New Covenant as the ‘Way’ God wanted us to go. We are His people as said in these verses. 1 Peter 2.10 for you once were NOT A PEOPLE, but now you are THE PEOPLE OF GOD; you had NOT RECEIVED MERCY, but now you have RECEIVED MERCY.

1 Peter 2.9 But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

This is the language that God uses throughout the old testament. A Corporate Body. It continues thru out the New testament! Let us relook at this in a People sorta way!!

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Standing Up, or not.

I believe in conversation, or maybe even a stronger word, discussion or even debate on christianity and all that it details it in our current moment. I love the descriptive words, the references, the interpretations of the said discussion. It widens the mind of anything that anyone talks about a particular subject. It challenges us to think outside ‘our’ box. I love reading comments on discussion blogs about something that I am interested in, the 60 degrees of answers that I read that tell me alot of things. One thing, that is obviously we are not yet in the state of ‘one mind’ as God wants us to be such as in Phil. 1.27Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I will hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one [fn]mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.

With this being said, I find things perplexing when I present things in blogs or discussions on topics of various things that I write or bring up in discussion, and I find no rebuttal of background of their beliefs or of their ‘proof’ of their belief. Now, I am not sure on how to take this ‘blankness’ of rebuttal’ on their face’s, but I have a few ideas as why.

There is one idea is that it is a heritage of belief that has dragged on for generation after generation of the same thoughts and understanding of God,faith, and the bible. It is one that is taking for granted that is one that is discerning because of our lack of knowing for ourselves as truth of God ,faith,and the bible is mute for us, we believe what our previous generation does. But it is also because our ‘beliefs’ are set that we are not being tested by ‘fact checked’ beliefs by not having a need to check the scriptures for ourselves.

Continuing on the last reason of the lack of bible scriptures being attested to the same beliefs, it is in the ‘church’ paradigm that it is prevalent in the structure of embodiment of the body of Christ. There seems to be a very low in our comprehension of the bible. Although there is a few standouts of theology minded people who are earnest in the bible studies and research and loving the word. There seems to be not all of the ‘body’ that is fitting into this ‘knowledge’ of the scriptures.

I am one of those very studious people that love to dig into various questions that have been presented to me and I will search and dig until I find the answer. My joy is staying in the realm of God and his ways to be in the mind of God, and Spirit of understanding. This should be the attitude of every christian who is follow God and his eternal purpose for his ‘image’.

We must push ourselves to be loved by God, and for us to Love Him even more to do everything that is ‘of’ Him. Including the reading and understanding the ultimate goal of God to have a ‘people,a world, and be their God’ for eternal eons.

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