How are christians supposed to act?

One on One. Are we supposed to be rigid,unwelcoming, unable to listen to anothers story, listening to one’s own beliefs? And you wonder why all the ‘religions’ will never ever be ‘one’, with this kind of hostility with each other. This just might be why evangelicalism has failed.

I have come across two instances of this in the last six months that tells me that ‘people of faith’ are unwilling to get out of their ‘box’ to listen or know other views or beliefs of others. This is not what the scriptures to do, to gentiles let alone any of our brothers and sisters.

Why is this? Hopefully somebody can tell me why?

If listening to somebody’s belief’s might taint your beliefs to make you waver in your own stance then it was not solid to begin with. God will put upon your heart the truth of scripture for you to distinguish between truth and lies. It is only when we test these ‘things’ that we will know if they are the truth.

Just maybe, this is the reason we have so many thousands of ‘religions’, that we have failed to see if we anything in common, not what we have in disagreement’s! If we can’t talk to each other, how can we talk to outsiders? Everyone has a story.

Listen. Listen. I guarantee you will learn and appreciate the other side of the conversation. Being closed minded, does not get you or anyone else a gold star in their cap in glory.


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