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Is everybody wrong?

I am going to lay the blame on everybody.

Denominations are tricky, they all have nuances, good and bad. But I believe that they have all missed the most important part of Christianity, including Catholics. Christ sent the Holy Spirit to Us, thus creating the New Creation for the New World!

Why have we failed to see or at least acknowledge this? (I’m sorry, I have to say it) Because if we did, then, the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH WOULD NOT BE NEEDED! There, I said it.

I’m afraid that what i have surmized in the failure of getting away from the ‘Tradition’ of the Jewish thinking, of having a ‘Messiah’ come to rescue us from the tyranny of the Romans, to have our own Kingdom of unfullfilled life in a humanistic world which we created to our likening! How ironic is that, to just keeping building on the crappy world that we made to think it will be perfect by putting in a ‘godly’ person to make it complete. Idiots!

It is when we realize that it has to be different, that it will make sense to us. If we are to understand God’s eternal purpose, we must ‘see’ that the body of Christ has to align with the Godhead, in all ways. God does not commune to anything impure. Let me say that again. God does not commune with anything impure.

To show you an example of this, Read all of ‘Leviticus’. The proclaimation by God to build a Temple for Him to have his presence known to man, thru a small room, with only one person, a High Priest for the only connection to Him. Everything in the Temple was Holy,impure, unblemished,white,clean. This was the example that God was showing the Israelites in the ‘human way’ of what it ‘looked’ like. The only way that Man would be able to ‘see’,’hear’,be close to him, was to be Holy. This then is transposed to the ‘Spiritual’ aspect of being ‘Clean’,’Holy’, to be in communal presence with God. We cannot be ‘together’ if we are in different ‘worlds’, human and Heavenly. It’s not possible.

The institution of the ‘church’ building needs to succumbed to the same reality of the Jews were unable to achieve the cleaness or Holiness of a people to commune with Him. Does this sound familiar?

Three words-‘Adam and Eve.’

So why are we afraid of Dying to Him as His people, and becoming the “Holy Spiritual People” that we need to become for us to walk and talk with Him?

Christianity needs to realize this today, and everyday, Die and LIVE!!


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