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Thinking outside the box?!


What would it take to get you to go back to the basics of Life?

Now for some of us the basics is still alot! But for the rest of us, what would it really take to get rid of some of the stuff in our lives. What would it be like to have nothing to entertain us every second of the day? If a survey was to be taken in this day of age, most people would not be able  to sit still for more than 2 minutes without complaining that we need to do something. And yet we tell our kids to just sit still for a minute or two for us.

What I am really talking about is the getting rid of our busyness stuff in our lives. We have to have something to do to occupy our every day,and every week that we have.

This actually should show us what we are  really about in our living as a person and families. Why do we think that we and our families have to be busy?

It almost seems like we live for excess or we are searching for more in life? But yet if we were to search our hearts, we should be able to just live by the basics of life. Now, my basics in life are eating,clothing, and shelter. Anything else is a luxury, yes a luxury.

I challenge you to cut back on something this next week of something that is considered a luxury and do something manualy, or do without something this week.

I myself, have been sorta forced to start doing something manually this week, and amazingly the benefits have been I spend more time with my wife and actually talk with her! Sorry husbands but it is true.

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One thing leads to another

I would like to also add to my repertoire of commenting on the state of the country. Now I usually have not been that interested in the affairs of society but I am going to make this exception for this reason. I believe that the “kingdom of God” is changing the face of society without society even knowing it. I would love to hear from you and your opinions on anything or the topic at hand.

My first observation on the country is that through the peril of the financial mess that the country is in, that this is slowly and eventually changing our standards on alot of things in our lives. One of these things is the educational system. Their will be some major changes in the way we do this in next 5 years I predict. There will be some re-thinking on how we bringing up our children and training them. It is always been our inclination to just throw money at the problem and it would take care of it self. But if you don’t have the money to throw, then you have to do something else. Now, I think that many people will  try different things to combat this problem, but I think you will eventually see that the training of our children may come back to the home.

From the christian perspective  on this issue, do you see maybe that the Lord is getting us into the position of having the ultimate faith in Him and Him alone. The Israelites in their journey thru the dessert finally realized that their daily faith would sustain them. We as christians have not had to rely on Christ on a daily way.

Do you think that God is changing our environment to change us? He did it to the Israelites in the old testament all the time to create His people.

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Parallel Universe?

I am a fan of the show “Fringe”, now you may be turned off by me because I like that show, just don’t like the show. But let me tell you a quick premise of the show. It is about a agency off of CIA that investigates extreme cases of just plain weidness stuff. When they come across the fact that a parallel universe exists?! This is a very interesting plot line with many more inside this one.
I tell you all this to bring you to my point of Think of the Bible as a different universe in the sense that Jesus even said that “He” was no of this World!!
WOW!! seems weird with that kind of thinking doesn’t it!
But what if look at the New Covenant* as this NEW WORLD that Jesus was talking about?! What if we were to live as if we a part of Jesus’s Realm.
There is a part in the show that brings out Peter is from the different world and only his father knew.(Isn’t that ironic! sound familar)
His being in the world that we know about, should say alot to us. One, he was not being extremely different to as not to fit in. He was in the World but not in the world if you know what I mean. Two, He was rescued from death(you have to watch the show to find this out) to live in this world to be this same character(peter) but now as a being from this other world.
This is the same story line as God has bestowed to his son,Jesus, to come from His other World, to die for us in this world and to live in us as a Spirit of himself.



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How do you change your mind?

Do you have your mind made up? Do you just naturally believe what you have been taught,and Why? When and How does your belief in someone or something change? Is it facts or assumptions that have built our way of life? I have come across all these questions over the last 3 yrs and I have come to the conclusion that I have done all these things! Assumed!! I have gone back to the beginning and re-evaluated some of my assumptions and have changed my perspective on these things. It was partly of understanding that the people of my upbringing were of importance and that I should believe them. I have no ill will for them because of this, because I too believe that have done the same thing, assumed!. The other part is my inability to take it for myself to understand  what I thought I believed. This is where my journey begins…. My Faith!    I will later tell you where this has led me in my trip!

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