Standing at the trees!

Can you just imagine this picture in your mind! Adam and Eve having to chose from the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge! That had to be such an interesting picture to see if you were hiding  behind a rock and watching to see which one they would pick!( I know, there was only 2 people in the garden at the time!)

But let’s re look this picture.    Adam and Eve were given 2 choices!

1- to believe in Life

2- to believe in knowledge

I just wonder what was going through their minds at the time?

We were not there, nor do we have anything to go by either, so let’s just give it a whirl.k

First, let’s look at where adam and eve were living. The Garden of Eden!!!  Now, in my wildest dreams I don’t think that I could do it justice by my description let alone everything that was in it. But the main theme in the Garden was that it was for man to survive and I use that term loosely!!  Adam was really a man of his own castle, he did not have to work. God had food at his pickin, he had entertainment (the beauty of the garden),and all those animals roaming around!! There was no worries, just living the life!!(notice my word choice)

He already had life, why would he choose life, if he already had it? just guessing here. k

Option 2- Tree of knowledge.  I bet he could of been thinking alot of things, but the one thing that he could of been contemplating was -what if I could be smart enough to do this on my own! I wouldn’t need God!!  I want to be an independent Contractor of my own world!! (this sounds funny, but isn’t this exactly how we do it everyday!! I can do it myself!! Sounds like my granddaughter!) But we fail to realize it comes with caveats.  We always have another opinion or someone else that thinks that they are a independent contractor!

They failed to understand the situation at the time,I believe.

They failed to look at the person who created those trees!!!

God created everything that Adam saw in the Garden, and the world and the Universe. God created everything! So why would he create a manual for anyone to have and learn? So our KNOWLEDGE would be useless if we tried to use it forever to create what God had already made!  We worship the things of the world as like today, as opposed to the ONE who made it!!

We have to acknowledge the ONE who created the world, and BELIEVE IN HIM.!

Which brings me to the final point, if God gave Adam a choice of which one to believe: in HIM or knowledge, shouldn’t believing in him,trusting in Him,be all we need!!


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