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There’s grass in my weeds!

Do you have that problem at your house?

Nothing is growing where it is supposed to!

Have you noticed that the place where we live is out of sorts. It is not functioning quite right, It is not in order!

The weeds are growing where I want  the grass to grow, I have weeds where I have a garden, my food that I need to live is surrounded by weeds! How dare them!

There is another thing that is out of whack that you might not even know about or even thought to consider. Why can’t the animals just get along together? What does the lion have against the zebra, why can’t the bear leave the salmon alone,why does the sharks just destroy their prey?

The animal kingdom is just all messed up.

and another thing, have you noticed all the catasrophes around the world? Earthquakes,floods,tornados,deserts, and fire.

The world is just out of whack.

Oh, Wait. It is supposed to be out of whack.

You see God ordained it to be with the whole world that it would be out of whack. It would not have any rhyme or reason to all work together as a complete whole unit. This includes the  main cog in all the meshing of all the previous things mentioned, MAN.

Man is just the catalyst that is the  ingredient that God sees as His Image in His Temple,in His Garden.

God is putting it back together as His people, His Church, and His New Jerusalem!

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The Whole Creation

With our understanding of the saving grace of God for us, what we need to realize that ‘all’ creation will be saved by God,not just the human creations. God’s creation of the universe, earth, the land,the animals, and the people will ‘all be saved’, so why is the focus on the just the people?

If we are to be ‘saved’, should we not just act like we are saved and to Love our neighbor, ourselves and the Lord, so as to bring about the saving grace to all of ‘God’s creations’?!

This should re-evaluate what our, I mean, what we think our intention is in being God’s creation as His sole need for His Eternal Purpose. God needs his Kingdom,People, and his Land. Garden of Eden -the sequel.

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