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Go ahead read a book

My mind and my thoughts are blessed to have read probably around 160 books over the last 5 years, covering many subjects in the religious realm and on the outskirts of it. It has opened my eyes to many inspired men who have researched and prayed and studied for years on their subjects of expertise, to give me even more motive for me to dig deeper into the bible and God himself.

So it is with that, I challenge you to turn the tv off and sit and read a book about a character in the bible, a book of the bible, a new thought about church, christianity, why are we really here on earth for God?,and be blessed and enriched by the time you spend with God searching for His Will.

It is a long journey, as I can attest to, but it is well worth it, the joy of seeing and believing in God’s eternal purpose is just Amazing.

Authors that I recommend  if interested are:Frank Viola,Milt Rodriguez,N.T. Wright,Peter Enns,Scot McKnight,T Austin Sparks,Watchman Nee,Witness Lee,Ray Stedman,Francis Chan, Wolfgang Simson, Dietrich Bonhoffer, Jon Zen,Leonard Sweet,John Fenn just to name a few of the ones that I have read. These will give you things to think about that you might not of thought about, and give you the “I didn’t notice that in the bible before” moments, Lord knows that I have many of them.

May you have many God moments when you read about Him in the coming days!!


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Who are U Reading?

My authors that I am currently reading are Watchman Nee,Frank Viola,Milt Rodgiquez, George Barna,Ray Stedman.
Let me know who your authors that you are reading?

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