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I had a revelation.(Again)

Well, I have been on a hiatus of sorts. I have been busy with a vacation, a motherly visit from mom and a ponderace of what my desire is, in the last three weeks. But I am back and a ready to go again.

Revealations are funny. They can be good or they can be bad. And sometimes they just come to you by the most awkward time, make you just sit there and let you just talk to yourself, and I would be just in amazement, in my revelation.

I have talked and written the same old things and told people that I read. Alot. My library is full of books of all kinds of topics of Christianity. But what else I have in my library, are bibles, different sizes, colors, shapes, and versions. I have read the whole bible thoroghly maybe 5 times. Now I don’t know if this has any barring on my revelation, but it might.

I am a product of a pastor’s life and home. I am a preacher’s kid. I have heard the “Word” all my life. Either on purpose, or just hearing it throughout my childhood. My ‘learning’ the bible has I think for me has been an ‘internal’ one. What I mean by that, it has been one where I have put the pieces together of everything biblical understanding in my head. I never ‘preached’, talked, or whispered my beliefs per se to anyone. Until about 15 yrs ago.

It is when at this time, I noticed what I had in my head, was not what the ‘local’ church was ‘preaching’! It was something different. There was no meaning to it. No direction. No life. I had questions, more than answers to the message that had shared with me. I was questioning everything with my response of “Why”?

I had queries of the local ministry, of multiple subjects and of even more importantly were the answers that they were giving. I then expanded my questioning of not just the ‘local’ church, but also to the denomination of said church, to see if it was adhering to ‘their’ beliefs. It was a journey to see that the last two ‘denominations’, which were very much alike in their beliefs, were very much ‘saying’ and ‘preaching’ the same thing. I had one of those ‘aha’ moments. It was then that I even expanded more to ‘other’ denominations of christianity to see what ‘they’ were ‘preaching’. It was then, that things or ‘beliefs’, or understandings of the Bible story started to unravel for me, it was an eye-opening moment(not my newest revelation) to realize that there was an different ‘format’ which everyone was using to ‘preach’ the quote ‘message'(gospel). This intrigued me.

It was then, that I realized that not only the message was off, but it was being done in the wrong format. The ‘format’ that I had swirling in my head, did not match the things that I was seeing at the local or denominational level. It was a cookie-cutter model in which it was obviously not working in which it was to be designed.

Let me explain something that might be confusing in what I said. What I was ‘hearing’ and being ‘preached’ to me in my early years of youth and the early adulthood, was my hearing and understanding the ‘storyline’ of the bible was ‘not’ what was being explained or ‘preached’ from my pew seat. Even tho, most of my life’s pew sitting was with my father in the pulpit. I was not ‘seeing’ what most people were ‘hearing’. It was being stored up in my knowledge bank for a complete expounding at a latter time. It was about 15 yrs ago that it finally came out.

I believe that thru all this ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things from various viewpoints that I have seen various things in the scriptures that just don’t add up to the ‘Message'(Gospel). It is then, that I felt like I needed to start saying things to people, thru blogs and random thoughts on social media, to get things rolling with people(christians) to double check their beliefs and their structure in the bible and God. What was the Bible really about? I have had my desenters in my take on my ‘seeing’ things different, than their views, but this was to be expected. The rut that christians have been in, is the cause, and the effect, of being ‘a sunday christian’.

The bible doesn’t say that.

It is so much more. It is a story. It has a storyline that is told in a narrative of God’s people, and their journey thru the annals of time. What is key to this story is the beginning, and the end! They are the same. This should be a clue to us! Every mystery book reader knows this!

It is in this storyline of God’s plan that has befuddled christianity(IMO) and it is not just coming from me, their are other people or groups that are ‘preaching’ this. Narrative stories are designed to ‘tell a story’, ‘tada’! LOL. In this narrative, God is not only telling an historic story but a story of everlasting meaning. This is where I will use a statement that always needs to be said. “The Bible is not written ‘for’ us, but ‘to’ us.! So what this should tell us is that these scriptures from God have to have meaning for alot of generations of people and years of social change to understand it.

It is here that we have change our ‘understanding’ of the scriptures. To express God’s eternal purpose, he has to change it so ‘everyone’ will ‘see’ the meaning and ‘truth’ of his desire. God uses different methods of doing this. God uses ‘types’, ‘symbols’, ‘imagery’, ‘foreshadowing’, ‘metaphors’ and ‘Allegory’.

It is allegory that has been missed in the ‘churches’ hearing in the scriptures.

This is where ‘one’ of my latest ‘revelations’ of the christianity’s downfall has been a glaring feeblemindness. Not ‘seeing’ Allegory in the scriptures. Maybe, just maybe it will come to us, when we have the ‘mud’ wiped off of our ‘eyes’ that we may see it.

The ‘revelation’ that I am saying is that the ‘story’ of the Israelites of being God’s people of Israel, and their subsequent disobedience of ‘worshipping’ Him, by being banished to ‘Egypt'(Babylon,the world), is the allegoric story of mankind as a ‘whole’ that has ‘left’ God for their own ways(worldly), and are now slaves to it. It is then that God pulls his people back to him so that ‘they'(mankind) can worship ‘their’ God.

Exodus 9:13 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh and say to him, “Thus says the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, ” Let my people go, that they may serve Me.


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Almost, but not yet.

This title is a take off of Jesus’s statement of “The Kingdom is now, but not yet”

This message has been talked and preached about for last 70-80 years, but it has misguided in it’s interpretation. Without getting into why it was wrong or what was wrong, we will say that it is starting to be put in the right perspective in people and is being taught or preached to the right avenue. There are alot of people that are spreading the word of God in the right direction, but they are missing a key ingredient to make the storyline complete and actually the ingredient that will put the whole story together.

The beginning. The beginning of creation! Creation was and is what God wanted. It always was. This is the only thing He wanted. To be with His creation. If this aspect of the storyline is not started with in telling the rest of the story as to God is again bringing us back to the beginning of creation and setting us up in the Kingdom of God as like the Garden of Eden.

The page has been turned and the real story is being shared to us that God is working in the world to tell his story to all and for all to know and become apart of it. It will be a joyous day when it comes and Heaven will truly be again here on earth!!

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Same song, different verse

My blogs have covered a multitude of topics of Christianity and its many other subcategories, but I have always sung my importance of starting with the ‘beginning’ of anything, let alone christianity.

I have blogs that have said as much many times. I want to emphasize it again here.

The message is in the beginning of God’s plan. Genesis is a wealth of the informative clues to all of God’s redemptive path to freedom. One might say it is the blueprint of His Eternal Purpose. All of his clues to ‘Life’ are in the first five books of the OT, and the prophets. God’s plan for freedom was induced for His people in the beginning of the ages but it was not seen by them as they were blind. God’s plan can be very hard to understand and follow but it will come to fruition in the Lord’s time.

The path that we must take to ‘open our eyes’ to see God’s plan begins with His original plan of Mankind and His Kingdom. This eye opening moment of man to ‘see’ God’s instituting his Kingdom must come from the failed attempt by his creature of seeing it,himself. We must do some very investigative study of the first five books and the prophets of the bible. The message was not started just in the New Testament, as we have all thought or use as our reference for ‘evangelism’ as we have thought that this is where God gives his Son as the escape of slavery from sin. But it began in the beginning of man’s life in the garden,He was going to be the Caesar of his own World. It is in this scenario that changed things. It is God’s plan to put ‘US’ back in that same Garden, to continue His Kingdom.

This is where we must start in our ‘Renewing our Mind’ on how we see the rest of the scriptures, to take us back to this scenario. It is long and arduous journey of mankind to ‘see’ and to live as if we are getting to take the next step of when Revelation 21-22 come into fruition. The end of the narrative story has got to match the scene in the beginning.

Using this blueprint of the beginning and the end picture, the details and the journey must achieve God’s plan of redemptive love and forgiveness for all to be given Grace. This is another key to understanding this narrative of God, it all about the body of Christ, all of his creation is the subject of this narrative, it began as a corporate story and it will end in a corporate way. This must be taken into account in all theology studies to achieve the storyline.

This is to cover up the existence of those ones that take the little snippets out the scripture to make a point of anything they want. This is not only poor exegesis but poor study habits of an individual or of a group. Remember, this is a narrative story, so the story will be pieced together as a regeneration of mankind to God’s Love for his creation.

By using this formula of knowing the start and end of God’s plan, we can see that “all things work together for the Glory of the Lord”!

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In the beginning,again.

I have blogged on this topic before in this forum to state my case of the ‘Eternal Purpose’.

King, Kingdom, Man.

These are the ingredients of creation that God uses in his beginning story

This is the picture that God has brushed upon His magnificent canvas of the world to view.

Why is this subject important?

This paradigm is the one that has been overlooked or just not realized in reading the scriptures. It is whole story of the Israelites storyline of existence as a people chosen by God to lead the nations away from Idolatry, as were the jewish people were participating in also. This fact that Israel had succumbed to the same offense as the rest of the world, now includes them in the same boat to the problem. This is main point to see, the Jewish people were to be different, set up by God to do things in the world different. One God, a strict way of living(to keep them from being apart of the world’s ways), and to eat of the Jewish ways.

Keep in mind as we talk about this in that what has happened with the so called ‘church’ and christianity has made their bed with.

The Israelite’s(the chosen ones) living in their promised land had been pushed out of their land to go live in the land of Egypt to be in the hands of pharaoh and his whip. It is here that we see God’s people being put to the test of their hope and patience for God to take care of them. It is their belief that God is still their God and He will get them out of this slavery. (This word is key to understanding the story) It is Mankind that is now also in this paradigm, of slavery, that it actually doesn’t know it is in.

It is during this time that God show’s his power and authority with Pharaoh and with Israel, but Israel and Pharaoh are both blind to it. It is not until ten plagues are used against the nation of Egypt that it relents into giving the freedom to the Israelite’s to go be with their God in the land that he had set aside for them.

It is then that the pharaoh realizes that he must still get them back into his fold, he then sees God is in control of everything and is drowned in the water of the Red Sea. Israel is also still in denial of the God of creation, when they do not see the power of God and control of the world that he has. God’s power over all the things that He has created including them. God’s journey with his people back to the promised land is still a trying time for them in their belief that God is in control with everything, including them. They are filled with unbelief that God can and will take care of them during this journey back to the land. Food and water, is their desire, will they get it and where. God is the provider. But they don’t seem to believe in God’s power or who He is.

God’s ‘people’ by definition has changed since this story, but it has increased exponentially by being of the whole world, which was the original desire in the beginning anyway.

It is now that we ‘see’ this story as the world as a whole being trapped in this same storyline as the Israelite’s. We are living in this world as we were still trapped in the bondage of the Pharaoh(slavery).

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Starting from a clean slate

I have hinted in a few  blogs in the past that I have written about our views or our perspectives of the scriptures. It is not just of late that it is being mis-viewed, it has been skewed from the 1700’s on with layered with more layers of mis-aliagned  perspective.

The angle that which we(christianity) have come from is the one from the New Testament.

This makes our view  tainted.

It is when we realize that the story started from the old testament and continued thru the new testament to complete the story. The testament’s or my preference is ‘the covenant’s’ are a continuance not separated storlines. All elements of the scenario’s are inter-related, they build  on each other as the story goes on, all the way to the end.

All that to say, the biblical story, is a Jewish story, a Jewish story about people, a Jewish story about people and their God.

Our slate must begin with the Jewish people and their God.

We must read the story in it’s completion only from the standpoint of the jewish story.

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‘Soundbites’ in the Bible

Everybody knows about the media’s sensationalism of using soundbites to just give a taste of an event that is supposed to  tell the overall idea of the story. It is a concise but truthful account of the actual events being reported.

But we all know that this ‘soundbite’ is sometimes misleading in what the full and complete story is. This in a ‘nutshell’ reporting of an event or story should not be what we should be using as our ‘source’ of truthful knowledge of anything.

This use of minimization of a story is a superficial  at best.

We need to see the whole story for what it is worth in any circumstance.

God’s story,the bible, is no exception.

The  story, is the ‘story’!

The bible, from beginning to end, is a complete and full edition of the story, no soundbites.

As with any story, there is the setup of story, the beginning, the story line,the middle, and the conclusion, the end.

God’s story is no different.  It is the back story, full of information,full of insight, then comes the middle story the working thru the back story to solve the issues of it. The conclusion of the story is the putting things back to the original status of the story.

God’s story is complete, therefore we need to see and know the full story of His kingdom.

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The setup,the result.

This is Genesis 1,2.

Then Revelation 21,22.

God’s plan in action begins with Genesis,chapter 1 and 2. He details it like a New York City decorator with no expenses spared.

planet-earth-1401465793UfsThis……..He has a setting;Earth,in a universe with amazing worlds and galaxies. Their was a epicenter of it all,earth with all details made specific and unique. Created with water,land,sea’s,mountains,valley’s. Color’s of such briallance that it makes you just stand in awe. Green grasses,purple mountains,blue oceans,yellow sun, and brown dirt. He made animals that are too many to count.(Adam did) He made things in the air,water,and on land. He made two caretakers of the garden, chaperoning them all, for they were all free.  There was not a want for anything or anyone. and God was with you.

Then……..Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. God makes it even more wonderful. God details his desire for His people to be just like him. His oneness with his bride,his people,and church. We are one. His world, is now just Him, for ‘He’ is what the ‘whole universe’ was all about. It was Him. and only Him.

This as we know, the only 4 chapters in the whole bible, that is free from ‘death’ that is described in the middle of the bible.

It is the beginning and the end is what we need to see the desire and the accomplishment of God’s plan, ‘for it was known,even before time’. We can see the beginning of time just by seeing God’s creation in front of us, but it is the final act of God’s desire that we need to see in Revelation.

God has redeemed our bodies from before and made them perfect for we are one with him. We are His,and He with us.Our World is Him, He is with us.

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My journey of digging deep into the scriptures has led me to two ironic observations of my christian life, and the christian life in general.

The two ironic things that have come across as glaring absence of real study or learning of the bible is the opposite of each other.

The beginning of the  story of the bible thru the eyes of the jewish people and the end of the bible as told to john in revelation.

God’s purpose,the blueprint of his desire, the beginning of his story should be the most understood aspect of the story. To go further into any story without knowing the purpose or the direction of the story is so wrong. But on the other end of the spectrum we seem to totally even look at the end of the story? Really? I mean, Really? The christian has been misled into the end of the story, as the end of the story.period. Really? I mean,Really? It is the most amazing and most intriguing part of the story that should blow you away, that should make you see how far or how close we are to the end of the story!

Unless we understand the first and last of the story, the scriptures in the middle really have no meaning to the story.

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