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Let’s get past ‘face value’

Studying any book or subject takes more than just reading the item. It is opening our eyes and looking at the similar or contrasting word pictures that are being shown throughout the book or the bible. We have to look diligently and keenly into everything that is being presented to us.

God is mysterious in all his ways. He is spiritual in all His directions. The scriptures are a narrative storyline of God, His Kingdom and His people. If only it could be so simple. But it wasn’t, or isn’t. This is why our interest should guide us to want to dig deep into God’s word. This journey is not just a quick remedy of doing one thing to say that you have accomplished it. It is a long and tedious journey to get even close to say your even started on the journey.

I believe that in my journey, that I can say that I have learned alot in my own personal study and research,reading books, listening to authors,speakers,new information, old information,things I agree on and things I disagree with, but I have always ‘looked’ outside the box of my usual understanding or what you could say was my traditional belief. My view is now wide and open to all of God’s influence with people and things.

*I was going to expand on this subject in another blog, but I have decided to add it here*

I believe that we have a christian problem of staying in a box, once we say we are a believer. We are caught up in ‘denominational’ thinking or at least a ‘concrete’ and can’t be influenced by anything I hear or see that we hurt ourselves by not being open to anything, and I mean anything that we deem out of another box. It is this kind of constitutionalism that can kill christianity in a heartbeat. I can see that this is what did happen in the time of Luther and his revolt from Catholicism. It started with a thing that was different from another and just expanded from there.

What we need to know and understand that ‘Christianity’ has not yet been perfected in it’s perfect state, no matter what we ‘americans’ think! It has been a work in motion! It will not be in the Holy and Perfect state until God says His bride is ready. I have come to realize these last few months that this constitutionalism of any particular religion has created alot of damage to christianity. We have been put ourselves in this little box of an ‘identity’ and refuse to been seen as anything else.

One aspect that I have noticed that we have done is to do the ‘church hopping game’ where we go and just hop to another ‘building’ to see if it satisfies our ‘needs’,for now. But it is much worse than this, we are set in our ways of ‘believing’ in ‘something’, whether it be the stance of believing in God’s plan for salvation, His way of doing worship, or something that is an immovable concept in your mind and you will not move on it.

I do believe that some where down the road we will be all in agreement on What God’s eternal purpose is for all of us will be. But it will take some groundbreaking moves on our part to change, our understanding, our ‘seeing’ God on who He really is.


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Ironic things

When we go back and look at scripture three or four times in what it really means, or we see things that we never saw before, it makes it well worth the digging into the scriptures to know God.

One such thing that I have perceived is the story of Jesus’s birth and the storyline behind it. Do we really just sit and look at what all the pieces mean to the story and why they do? Now, this might seem strange or unimportant but I think it is a piece of the story. Mary, being the woman,(as opposed to the man) in the story is in the heritage of Eve. Eve,(both are to be convicted of the crime,Adam) being the first one to against God in the Garden, is where the journey will begin in the downward swirl of sin. The founder of sin,being in the wrong, to be corrected has got to stem from this angle of righteousness. This can only be fulfilled from the lineage of the woman. It will then follow thru to Mary,(the woman) who gives birth to the Holy Child. Jesus, being both man and God, has the lineage of man and his restitution in Him to correct the lie of man.

Secondly, this follows thru one more phase with Christ the Messiah, and His redeeming power upon man. It is within Christ that He has a women within Him that He gives birth to His body,and Bride. This ‘Bride’ is, you guessed it the woman still in the story. God has a way of keeping us in the storyline that doesn’t go far from it’s intention. God’s love for His bride has made a long journey to get us thru the entire story, but he has. In Revelation 21-22, He continues it still, with a Wedding Feast with all invited to celebrate the communion of God and His Bride.

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It’s starting over. erasing everything on the paper. tearing your model apart. Start from scratch in the kitchen. breaking your wood project to pieces. clearing your mind.

Re-Reading the Bible from start to finish.

This is actually what is going on in many people minds or philosophies,or even theologies. It seems to be the word in christendom. But I believe that it is almost always done outside of the walls of the church. You see, You might be chastised if you were tell the preacher or an elder that this is not right what we are doing in the church.

It is outside the walls of the church building, that things are being relooked at all levels of christianity. Their has been alot of different avenues of christianity that has been pushed, or thought of as the ‘way’ that the scriptures were pointing us to go. Just in the last 100 yrs their has been 2-3 models that have been instituted thru the name of God, that has never worked out. (this is only for the United States)

Let’s start with the oldest one that started in the 1940-50’s that the small evangelical preacher was supposed to ‘Preach Fire and Brimstone’ upon everyone’s head in those small towns to get them to heaven. This was all the rage. It eventually came to the city, and then was always used in the service to have everybody down at the alter to repent of their sins, and to make sure you would get to heaven, and not hell. People of persuasion were bullying people into Heaven.

Just can’t find this in the scriptures as being used as ‘way’ into Heaven anywhere. (besides being a wrong theology)

The second one is the let’s make a difference thru the church by melding our beliefs into the political arena, so that everyone must conform into it by law or legislation that we pass. This started in the 1980’s and has come crashing down upon us in the last few years. Which we won’t get in to. But it was this thinking that christianity must be inside the government to ‘make’ a difference in the US. This was the way to do it, so they thought.

This again, is nowhere in the scriptures the way that God’s people were to ‘sway’ the gentiles into submission.

Another big thing that was all the rage was the actually BIG CHURCH in the town that ‘everyone’ went to, to emphasized the awesomeness of God in one place by either from the pastor, or from the sheer ‘hugeness’ of the congregation. But this too has died a slow death, once everyone figured out that they felt all ‘alone’ in those 15,000 church’s. Their was no attention to the fellowship of people in the more intimate way of sharing each others lives in a daily basis way.

Again, This is nowhere to be found either in the old testament or new testament!. (Israel’s multitude in the time of the Exile when their people were flourishing, is not an example of this) Especially in the New Testament.

I have said this is many other blogs of mine that we haven’t really focused on the theme of the bible, (or what I call the Eternal Purpose)or the actually Forrest of it, instead of the tree, that we seem to be crazy about.

Why have we not just sat down in our chairs, and just DECONSTRUCT God’s Theology for us. Start at the beginning. After we have destroyed everything that we have used before in our theology. This is a must. No, It is a Command!!

Clear your mind of all previous ways, institutions, traditions, sacraments, or inheritance of beliefs and start from a clean sheet of paper!

Start in reading Genesis, slowly reading everything with the concept of that everything that is going on started with a plan a perfectness of God, it went wrong with the building materials God was using(us), but His plan was to get it back to His original plan. Keep this in mind all the way thru the bible, til the very end, tada, it does!

Start over, Today.

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Coming to fruition

My journey as I see it is to get to the prescribed destination, as is told to me.

      1      Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea.
      2      And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.
      3      And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them,

New American Standard Bible: 1995 update. (1995).

My journey as just a man trying to get from one spot to another, I will take that path that leads me to the final destination.

As a Christian Worshiping my God, the God of Israel,God of the creation I will follow the path that God has laid out for His people. God prescribed a beginning for man in his journey from the very beginning. It was described in detail in the beginning of His Word. Genesis 1-2 was blueprint for us to start with, it was the middle that has us all messed up. But we are concerned with the destination that God has laid out for us. It is in Revelation 21-22. In Rev. 21 1-3 It describes the destination of our journey with Him. God’s plan was simple yet hard to do for man. He failed miserably on trying to rule the world on his own by doing it his way.

It is when we realize that God’s design for us was instituted for us way back in Genesis with all the instructions for us to follow and live by in God’s paradigm. But God gives us a second chance by realizing that He will show us the exact same picture in the future for us to attain. it is in these verses of Revelation 21 1-3. With the highlight in verse 3 when John says ” And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of god is among men and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them.”

The highlighted verse is the destination that man should be striving for in his daily walk. It is in this walk that we have to make a startling revelation about the body of Christ. We are to do this in the ‘Heavenly’,’Godly’,’Christlike’,’Holy’, way of God’s final destination. This is not about our earthly way of doing things but of ‘in Christ’ way. We will be the Bride of Christ, She will be spotless and blameless, She will be the Bride to the Bridegroom. She will be perfect in every way. She will be ready for Him, to be taken for the Great Wedding Feast. This ‘picture’ is one that is brought out throughout the scriptures. God’s bride will be in waiting to be of the New Jerusalem.

Let’s step back for a moment, and notice some things that maybe you didn’t notice the correlations that have led to this final destination. Have you noticed that when the ‘city’ of ‘Jerusalem’ is mentioned, that this was the location of the Jewish people and their God. God’s presence was stationed in the city inside a Temple that was considered Holy, and only the High Priest was allowed in to that room. So it was also used as a reference to where you should ‘go’ to be with God. (maybe this is still being used to think that we have to go someplace to ‘be’ with God?) God was limited in this paradigm.

God wanted a different paradigm, one that would be accessible to all, and forever. He designed us so that not only would we be images of God,but we would be complete in ‘Christ’ being in us! This is the finished product of God for man. This is the picture we see in Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22.

Until we ‘see’ what God is directing us to the Bride of Christ in the days of His coming for us to be the body of God, not the building where we believe He is,but understand that He is ‘in us’ the Bride! This is the destination, the finished product of God for man and his creation.

God is waiting for us outside in His world, while we are in a building waiting for him to come.

Walking and talking in the City of God!

P.S. There is no Temple in Genesis 1-2 or Revelation 21-22. I wonder why that is?

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Have we been looking at this the wrong way?

The bible is a very unique book that has withstood thousands of years of scrutiny,volumes of translations, attacks of authenticity,historical accuracy and many more attempts of blemishing of it’s Holy words.

This last year has kept up with the trend to attack it’s power and identity. Let me say something here that might sound sorta weird, This attacking of the bible for what it is and stands for has given many  the believers and nonbelievers something to openly discuss things in a very new and exciting way. And for what it is worth, there always comes out of these discussions,some new thoughts and what if scenarios that can boggle my mind and many others too. Personally, I love it.

I truly believe that the “real” church is outside the  walls of the church’s that we see at every corner. I believe that the people that are truly seeking God and His understandings are very creative and diligent in their search. This is why I believe that blogging,authors writing outside the box,theologians that are not afraid to go outside their structure of comfort and tell what they believe, that is really bringing about the corporate church.

For the ones that are stuck in an environment that is in “just keep on doing what your doing” brick and mortar  environment  I feel sorry for you. You are very sheltered, and non-thinking of but a minuscule piece of the eternal purpose of God. After all, God is concerned with the whole church, not  the pieces of it. This may sound harsh, but I believe it is the mistake that we “Christians” have made. God’s crescendo  that He talks about is the bride and  not billions of people to become His  people(church), but just his Church, and she has a name, “His Bride”. This is the corporate name of His church.

If we could somehow look at what the bible or God is showing us throughout the bible that he is not concerned with the little pieces of the pie, but the pie itself is the goal.

This brings me to the point of “are we looking at the references of the bible the wrong way” when it is mentioning the humanness of the story of Man and Woman?

We seem to take the stance that God is talking about us as humanity is to act and do as the two identities are portrayed. Think about this for a moment- If God knows that we are of a flawed nature, and that there is nothing we could do to change this nature, not even being good would correct it, then why would God give us instructions on how to do something to mask the flaw in our nature?

But what if we are being told and shown in this divine way that if we are “reborn” into Christ that we not of this “old nature” but of a “new nature” an Divine Nature that is of God and we(as the church) then will be a virgin bride for Him on that glorious day of the Wedding feast!!*

Look at the message of the bible,from beginning to end, what God is looking for and who and how is being shown us of God’s Eternal Purpose.

He wants a Bride.

* For a more in depth study of this train of thought of God’s Eternal Purpose, find the book at your bookstore of Frank Viola’s titled  “From Eternity to Here”. It is a great read and shows you the underlining message throughout the bible of what God is showing to His people. His Church. His Bride.

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It’s from a different view

Angles,perspectives,advantage points,standing,sitting are all ways of seeing things from a different way.

We will all come away from every situation with various interpretations of what happened or said, but it all goes back to the moment in time, that will set us all straight.

I say all this to bring a point out about the perspective that we have used to read and interpret the bible.

We have in my view seem to have taken the stance as to think that we are copier machines and that we should copy everything in the bible, word for word,story for story,inspiration for inspiration, and Jesus for Jesus and just live it.

We have seen the trees, but we can’t seem to see the forest?

Let me preface this by saying that we might have taken the phrase “Jesus in the same yesterday,today and tomorrow” as metaphor for our inspiration.

Try and follow along with me as I show you a different perspective of the bible that will amaze you and make it come alive for you as it makes it a personal journey of God’s Story.

“You just had to be there, it was amazing, it was so real” said the man on the street. When someone tells you something like that you understand what the man is saying, but yet you really can’t because of the fact that you were not there at that time when the mood,intensity,and the ramifications of the moment were intense for all that were concerned.

If you could of been a fly on the wall moment kind of thing, is the only way to experience it.

But let us try and “tele-port”(star trek term) ourselves into the old testament and new testament to be a “witness” of the time and experience it first hand.

Let me give two examples of where I am coming from. One is the book by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins,the Jesus Chronicles,John’s story.This book is a novel using the bible as reference and weaving the novel thru it, to bring you into the story of God.

Another book that is similar in style is the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene, I personally have only read the first one called “First Light”.(I intend to finish this series someday,it brings me into to reality of the bible in so many ways) The Authors in this series have created a character of which interacts with the story-lines of the bible that take you on your own personal journey of the Story of God.

These books are examples of perfect attention getters, they not only grab us but they put us in the story! Is that real enough for you!!

Our mindset going into this story is to remember who we are and to notice and perceive what is going on all around us in the old testament and new testament that we can understand not just the little portrayals of history or daily living of the jewish people and their laws but of what God was showing them what the moral of the story was and to who they were.(something that the jewish(God’s called)people did not see or understand at the time)

Now let us take what we know now, and use it to see God in a new and bright Light! God when He produced man(adam) he was producing not an individual but a corporate identity. This morsel is also key to understanding the bible in all its ways, we get caught up in our reading of the bible in all it’s many story-lines that we always forget the theme of the bible. God’s intention from the beginning was and is to produce a corporate man,not a bunch of single individuals, we really need to take this view point when reading God’s story.

To bring home this point, there are many references to this, but the one that is most relevant to this is in Revelation 21 and 22. God tells the end of the story and tells what He has accomplished and what He has built. His Bride!

To really put us in the right place to start reading the story of God, let us remember that we are the created….of the creator. So we are subject to Him. We are His….and we are His(can I hear some Hallelujahs)  At this moment in time of creation, it was like God was done with us but He wasn’t. It was like He had to instill in us our place in the world to be.

This brings us to our journey of God and His story, The Bible.

He places us in this creation of us(man)to bring us along(albeit very slowly,because we still haven’t understood the moral of His story) to tell and show us what we are here for …….

For Him, and Him only.

As like, the Bride and the Groom, we were made for each other.

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There is no “I” in Man!

We have all heard the saying that “there is no “I” in Team”. I think it has been used in alot of different ways and instances, but let me carry the same meaning to maybe  a new way of looking at the Bible.

First let us get our bearings on a key truth.In the beginning is where all the answers are to this truth.We need to go to Genesis 1:26-Then God said,”Let us make man in our image,in our likeness,…..”

We sometimes read books and other periodicals and we just seem to skim over the words and think that we get the meaning of them. I think we do the same with the bible.

Let’s look at the first two words of this passage,” Let us”. I know, and you know that “us” is more than 1 person or identity. Now,we need to really know on how many more than 1 we are talking about to really know the truth here. So let us go back to where it tells who was at the beginning.

We can use John 1:1-5. This passage tells us that in the beginning was the word,and the word was God ,and the word was with God.  Now, we need to see this in our spiritual eyes, not in our natural eyes. God was there in the beginning but in him was more than just God, but a Son(Jesus) who in Him had (life/Holy Spirit). This is why God says ” Let us” when He created his creation.

To illustrate  this concept let us use us as an example, thru all of us we have someone else in us thru appropriation, we have kids and grand-kids.  This is an example of who we are thru the generations of time. This is the example that God has given us to understand who  He is. We just need to “see Him”.

Now let us take the next two words, “make man”. Now if we can understand here that God could of said anything here. He could of said, make steve,fred,sally,kathy,or any specific name of man but He chose to use almost a generic name here to begin with. It was a starting point. He also knows that this is not going to stay one person, but many. So let us now realize that man is a corporate man, a ambassador of all subsequent mankind. This will be renamed latter in the bible to make it more personal to God, this also brings out another huge insight of God.

All throughout the bible God uses certain people of the jewish community and outside the jews realm that are instrumental in His work. But to make a point to us I believe He changes their names. The humanly names given to us are just that human. We for the most part do not give much thought to our names given to us, other than what our parents were influenced at the time. God, I believe uses names of “His world,Kingdom” to give meaning to Him. This is so very personal to Him.

But God changes that by giving us a name to have a special meaning to Him. Such examples are Abram,Sari,Saul,Simon, and many others. He later changes “Man” to “His People,Body,Church,and Bride” to show one that they are His, and that also who they are. Ultimately the one that  He is trying to express  is “His Bride” but that is another blog, so back to the subject.

The next three words are instrumental in our understanding of who we are. “in our Image”.

To illuminate this picture let me me tell you about the picture. Let me tell you about my wife. She is all about pictures, taking them, printing them,collecting them, and looking at them. You see, she is visual person who collects photos of you(I know,kinda scary,especially of her family) to not have a just a snapshot of time but it is a ongoing slideshow of someone to really know of who you really are. You can really tell alot about someone by the many “pictures” of their life.This can also be said about God.

God is so full of pictures, but it seems that we just don’t “see” the picture. God shows us many in the bible, but we fail to see all that He is trying to show us.But the one that He is trying to show us here is of the utmost importance.

His image, is who He is first, and secondly what He is.

Who He is, Father,Son,and the Holy Spirit(Life) is the simpleness of this image.

What He is, is even more simple, He is Life.

 We, as an corporate creation or being, is to be mingled with Him, as an act of marriage,groom and bride, in the most “televised and talked about marriage in all the world” God and man as one!

Let us reconsider now how we view the story of the bible and read it as a corporate,bride, angle to understand what God is trying to show us in His words.

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Our use of the word “church”

It is such a simple word, but we seem to say the word church  to mean an inanimate object. Where did we get this meaning from?

The jewish sect was the first to hint of a structure of worship, in their own way, that was called a tabernacle.  Us gentiles stole the concept but called it a church for worship. Our understanding of the purpose also was taken from the jews of the fact that we have to all get together to form a group to worship.

What we must understand is that God was using the imagery of the tabernacle as a picture for us to see,if we were to come to him and just commune with Him. This would be a complete picture of God and His people together as one.

This is a stopping point from this blog to highlight a characteristic of God. God’s understanding of “LIFE” is almost beyond words for us humans, but it is easier to understand if it is told in a story or a parable if Jesus was trying to get a point across to the disciples.  We have to go beyond our thought process to understand God’s ways. Our ways are not His Ways,remember.

God’s economy(business) was in the old testament to keep the jewish people(Israel) together in way that they would be protected from the outside world without to many incidents. The rules and regulations that the jews added to the commandments and to eating and sacrificing laws added to their issues. This scenerio of keeping the jews together is actually the parable or story that you here in the psalms and other places that refer to the shepherd and the sheep. The description  of the shepherd taking care of his sheep and protecting them from the wolves and lions is in reference to the world and to satan. (WoW)

But then, Christ came and changed this scene. The Shepherd was just a temporary condition for his people, until He came to change things. His dieing on the Cross,thus killing the natural way of doing “religion”, and bringing  to Life the all-inclusive Christ which has now been processed for us, with Christ being born,dieing,and being raised to the Father, He is now complete in Us.

The Old ways are now over, a new way has been created that is better is now in affect. We now have a tabernacle or home with God in us,and us in Him.  For this new way to be complete and stand on its own, all the old ways have to die. God’s living in us and us in Him is complete into it’s self!!!!! Why do we need to use the old ways to improve on the new way? But we do.

Our understanding of God’s People,His Church, His Bride, has got to change and it will.

Let’s come at this from the angle from the brides perspective and see if we can make it clear to us.  Hear is the preface, God has already asked us the church to be his bride(He chose us before time!) One key here is realizing that this is in a corporate setting not as individual way of looking at it. The ones that accept the plea to be apart of Christ as one entity(His Bride) is the picture that we are at now. Now, since we as the bride have committed ourselves to Christ as the bride we “should” be focused on Him and Him only. This is not the case, in christianity.  The bride’s only goal from this point on is to get ready for the wedding. Staying true to the groom is the ultimate goal from here out. My experience with girls and weddings are my forte’, I have 3 girls and 2 weddings. We know from the time they are asked til that special day, it is all about Him!!.

Where we are confused is that when Christ chose us and we said yes, We are now apart of Him, it is as we are already married or that we are ONE. This is also considered the body of Christ, or the Church.

Our being with Christ makes us apart of His body,church,bride. Let us see this revelation so that  we may become what God wants us to represent.

His new BRIDE!!

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I just don’t get it? God said he would do it!

Matthew 16:17-18 Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you,but my Father who is in heaven.18. And I tell you, you are Peter,and on this rock I will build by church, and the gates of of hell shall not prevail against it. 

I fell into the trap too. Call it heritity,stupid, don’t care attitude, going with the flow, I didn’t know better, I never read the bible to know different, there is more but these are just a few of why we have gone on for so long not knowing God’s in control. For to long now we have relied on that sunday morning ritual of just going to church and hearing that sermon about why we are not who we should be, and let me tell you where you went wrong speech. (I am truly sorry to point this this out but it is true)

We as people,(not necessarily just christians) have been under the impression that we are to help God make the Church?  Let just sit back and think about this one,k. what did you come up with?  Now, my God is Big, He is awesome, He can do anything,(creation),He can Say anything and make it happen.(light),He can be anywhere,at the same time,He is with me,He is with you as you are reading this! WOW.

Now, why would God rely on us to do some of his work for Him? Don’t know about you but I make alot of mistakes! Don’t thing God has that in mind in making His Church. Did you know that  us christians have been working on the church for over 2000 years now. Boy, I think I could build a structure by myself in that amount of time, I know, not quite the same thing.  But if understand the reasoning behind this you will start to understand that only God can do it.

Here, in my eyes, is the problem.        We have it backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say what? Yes!

Let me explain, God is the church,the body. If we were to be one with God(fully incorporated),would we not be the church in God!!!

Let me share an analogy with you. Most people that know me know that I am a Huge Nebraska Football fan. I collect  things,shirts,jackets,hats and footballs with the Huskers on it. You see, I have bought into to the notion that I am apart of the team, even tho I am 8 hours away from the stadium, and the huge crowd of fans. I watch on tv like I was there, I holler when they win, and wimper when they lose. I am a Husker.

Now,beware there are alot of us out there, we are in your neighborhood, could be your next door friend, but we are all over the world. You know who they are, because we will tell you,over and over again. We actually have little church’s that meet on saturday’s and watch the games,too.

The fact that there are 86,000 plus people in one place enjoying the Huskers play in Lincoln,Nebraska on saturday’s in the fall is just moment in time that all husker fans are in one place at one time. When in fact that when the game is over, they all go back to their homes around the country. This still makes them Huskers.

Now go back and re-read my analagy and this time substitute the word huskers with the word Church.

Wow, this just blows my mind when I think of it this way!!

But just remember that it is first that we are in God thru Christ that makes us the church. It is as His people,His Israel, His bride, His Body that we are Indwelt in Him that makes the Church.

I pray that heart was touched in this thought process and that you will ask questions and search for answers. Look, and listen to the Lord’s direction for this. Go back to the beginning of the bible, Genesis, and see what He was really trying  to make man? 

As you really look deep into God’s eyes,you will see that he wanted Adam for himself. ( remember that Adam,Man is the same as God’s Corporate people) we are apart of this group!!

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What if the Bible had only 2 chapters?

For those out there who have heard those numerous sermons sunday after sunday. Can you remember ever hearing a sermon on Genesis 1 & 2.This is Not on the creation of the world, we seem to just go right over this as a matter of fact thing, but that genesis 1 & 2 is about the creation of God’s HOME.
We have to understand that this was God creating his house for his people with the intention that the home was completely furnished with all the ementies.
What if this was all of the bible? What would we take from this bible?
This God created this living arrangement where it is self sufficient or really God sufficient for us and all we have to do is commune with Him and Him with us.
This was God’s only plan. Period.
Then,why have we missed this part of the bible? This was and is God’s intention all along!
There was this little bump in the road that we have made our main focus on and to resolve the bump. This was important, but only important in the fact that it was to get us back to the beginning of the story.
God’s weaving of His ways are mysterious and amazing at the same time,but the end result is that He wants His people,His bride,His church and His corporate man to be with him and us to Him.
I pray that we can go back and re-read Genesis 1 & 2 and see Christ as our HOME!
Now that is what I call “Home Sweet Home”.

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