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Starting from a clean slate

I have hinted in a few  blogs in the past that I have written about our views or our perspectives of the scriptures. It is not just of late that it is being mis-viewed, it has been skewed from the 1700’s on with layered with more layers of mis-aliagned  perspective.

The angle that which we(christianity) have come from is the one from the New Testament.

This makes our view  tainted.

It is when we realize that the story started from the old testament and continued thru the new testament to complete the story. The testament’s or my preference is ‘the covenant’s’ are a continuance not separated storlines. All elements of the scenario’s are inter-related, they build  on each other as the story goes on, all the way to the end.

All that to say, the biblical story, is a Jewish story, a Jewish story about people, a Jewish story about people and their God.

Our slate must begin with the Jewish people and their God.

We must read the story in it’s completion only from the standpoint of the jewish story.


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A Blank slate

I have always believed that the person in the  forest could not “see the forest because of the trees”.

This is why I believe that for christianity to continue it must get out of the forest to see the forest!!!

We have been mesmerized by our single minded objective of the bible and to not waver from it that has caused us to go off on a wild goose chase, to get us off track of what the bible is really saying to us.

I wish we all could have come across the word of God,the bible,(which is actually God in word form,we fail to realize this) and without any influence read,see,hear God in the scripture. I honestly believe that we would come away from reading this story of God, that we would be a different people for him.

What I mean by a clean or blank slate is, no traditions,no training, no denominational influence,no pre-conceived  ideas, no help whatsoever on reading God’s word.

This sounds harsh,crazy,or just plain stupid for most people but our understanding of the word has been pigeon-holed into our understanding of the story of God..Our mindset of the way we look at passages,verses,or even chapters, is influenced by our heritage of learning.This is where most people are unaware of their heritage of belief anyway. We condemn people,family,friends for even going away from the norm of our religious ways,saying that this is the way it has always done. When in fact we have no basis of understanding of what they are doing is in fact “the way”.

This is where I  challenge everyone to dig deep into your past christianity training and see where it comes from and why? Do you believe it after you see your christian history or do you maybe see a different way that needs to be taken?

Now, don’t get me wrong, Our christian heritage is just that,christian heritage. But we need to right the ship in our ways of God’s desire and seek the truth!

The key to reading God’s word(which is God himself) is to read it as a story( I will give you an inside tip here, It is a story of Christ!) and not as a manual or do it yourself christian project!!! Look at the whole bible as what is it telling you as far as the main theme throughout the bible.

I have never been a newspaper writer, but I do know that the first things you are taught is the 5 “W’s”.

Who,What,When, Where and Why. If we keep these question in our mind throughout the bible we will see a whole different picture of the Word than ever before. and Let me tell you will be going on a ride with God that you will never forget.

I ask you to try the clean slate and come with an open mind when you read the bible for the “first time”.

I want to just say here that the bibles or the reading programs out there that just take daily verses to read on a daily basis do us no good to see what God is saying to us, it is like seeing a movie trailer, and then going to the actual movie and saying what was that trailer about?

The bible is a “Complete Story” it starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation.

May the Story begin for you!!

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