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Don’t get me started…..

One thing that drives me crazy, is that Christians of today and of yesteryear failed to ‘proof text’ their beliefs or their pastor or both. This is actually how I started to wave away from the ‘church’ institution when alot of things that were being said, were not in there. I am always being fruitional in all things read, heard or being discussed. (This is what I have found out the hard way from discussing with friends, that their is not an attempt to ‘fact check’ my stance on things, only saying it is wrong or ‘you don’t know what you are talking about’!) Irritates me to no end!!

Let me point out something first before my main ‘IRK’, LOL. Man’s attempt to figure out God, has failed. This is why we must say it out loud for us to realize it in our heads. But let’s start with that thot, with the man in the old testament thru today. There were ‘christian men’ who didn’t have it right even tho God let them continue in their ways. Just Go back to the scriptures and see where man’s ‘leaders’ were still not getting it right. From individuals to institutions have led us astray to the wrong path, that has exacerbated God to no end, I’m sure. God’s plan was different than his creation itself, it was not ever to be of a ‘manly’ way, but of a Heavenly way.

And here it is, my biggest complaint or ‘Irksome’! Let me give a small background of myself, so you will know where I am coming from. My Father was a Pastor for over 40+ yrs in the Church of God denomination. He studied at a christian college, I also went to the same christian college, albeit alot shorter of time. But the crux of the matter is if stand back and look at this paradigm of Christianity and its processes, we will notice something, something bad.

When you go to a college for a ‘degree’ or for a ‘Title’,aka Pastor it is taught all that it is recommended for that ‘type’ of ‘Pastor’ aka, denomination. There is no exception. You are taught that which you also will spout the same verbatim as you learned at school. Now this is fine and dandy, in a sense, but where is the ‘newness’ of the WORD that God gave us, it refreshing, like the spring in the mountain flowing daily down to us in the valley below, it’s the same but different. I can attest for alot of ‘AHA’ moments in my last 15 yrs of deep and thorough studying of God’s word. I have been enlightened thousand of times of very small things to very big things.

It is with this understanding that for one of many reasons I fault the institution of the ‘church’ as it stands today, with many paradigms to be explored and to follow.

I do not know how I would of lived if I had this thirst when I was younger, I would of been starving and no place to live, with my 24/7 appetite of the word. It is this thirst that the bible tells us that we must dig and dig into the meat of the story of God, not just the appetizers that it seems that we have been doing for a long time now.

I will challenge you to do the same, dig deep into the bible search it’s meaning, with God’s desire and will and it will raise you up to Him and His Eternal purpose.

Please, let me know what you think of this short ‘irksome’ story of mine and if you have some of yourselves. Or anything else? I love discussion! Thanks

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I save alot of articles that various people have wrote about in the last 10 years, and I came across one that was 9 years ago. It was a review by Frank Viola, on a article of Michael Spencer’s article named “The coming Evangelical collapse”.

Just the title of the blog, was intriguing to me when I first saw it from Spencer, even before Viola’s review was published. It a very good piece of seeing that things were going to change down the road, for the ‘church’. I too seen it coming maybe thru different lenses, than Spencer noted in his piece but it was that thing were going to change was the main issue that I saw.

One of the four points that Spencer noted that in the changes that were to come was the influx of people to two different groups, one being the house church, and the other being the influx of high church denominations(Catholic,Orthodox,Anglican). This is exactly what has happened in the current state of affairs of the church activity. Without going to deep into the ‘why’ this has happened, it has been a fallout from all the ‘institutional denominations’ trying to ‘please’ the worshiper in any way shape and form. We all know what that means! People have just left those kinds of shows to the more intimate ones of ‘house church’s’, that were more real in the fellowship.

One should just sit and think what this is really telling us about what God’s people are searching for in this intimate bond with God. People are truly looking for and finding a ideal of what it is in being ‘with’ God and He with us. It is not the place that I am talking about tho, it is the concept of God and us walking and talking in the world(garden of Eden) as was defined many centuries ago.

One other point that was brought out in the article was about “Evangelical” itself, and it was said by Viola’s friend- “George Barna and I have tried to challenge evangelical Christians with the idea that one of the systemic problems is the very system of organized Christianity – particularly as it relates to the expression of the local church.”

The ‘local church’ has to be redefined, it’s not by the hundreds of the local church’s but by the out flowing of love from the people of God (God’s image)that is seen by other people!

This was and is still today a focus of banter back and forth between the sides, but it seems to to be changing from the norm to a new maybe old way of doing things as we ‘see’ that things of the first century christians were believing that we they stood for was thru their living the way of the Messiah. As they say, time will tell but I believe that just maybe this could be the start of something big, like maybe the “Kingdom of God”!

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